Myddleton Road Portraits

Local photographer Sam J Peat has created a portrait project that celebrates the unique community of people and independent shops on Myddleton Road, N22, London. Many of the shopkeepers had a tough time during the lockdown, as passing trade and the local community is the lifeblood of the area.

Take a look at the great photos here: Myddleton Road - Sam Peat's Portfolio

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    Kate Stevens

    The photos are great - good to be able
    To put a face to some of the businesses along the road. Thank you
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      Susan Mears

      A wonderful selection of photos.  Is there anywhere quite like Bowes Park!  What a spirited and generous community we are.

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        Sarah Mallick

        Thank you for posting these photos, maybe one day we could have a real life exhibition of them.

        Sarah, Leukaemia Cancer Society