Found - Bicycle

A few weeks ago a bicycle was abandoned inside the gate at the front of my property, presumably an interrupted theft.

I chained it and hoped that it would be seen and recognised but no one has appeared to claim it.

The Police were unable to match the serial number with any reported stolen bikes on their database.

Being fairly new to the area and having only recently signed up on this excellent community forum I am hoping that I will now be able to trace the owner.

I would describe the bike as medium frame hybrid mountain bike, in very good condition.

If you recognise this description please could you call/text me on 07505 636024.


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    Anna Jenkins

    you might get more luck on the local nextdoor forum

    not many people seem to be on this forum anymore

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      Roberto Napolitano

      We also found a bicycle - an Iron bru bike busted and left in our neighbours front garden. Our neighbours were away and we only spotted it when we went for an evening walk. 

      We moved the bike to the street and when checked in the early morning it had been taken. You would not be able to ride off on this bike as the tube was tied around the wheel.

      We thought it was possibly placed in the front garden as a marker for burglars?