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  • sabrina puddu

    Hi Richard,

    thanks for your message. I just moved to the area and want to learn more about it. Very exiting!


  • Alistair Harley

    I'm afraid I told a small lie when I registered for the forum. I listed my address as Arundel Gardens in N21. In fact that was my last address back in 1969, after that I stayed at Truro road. I was a regular at Fishmongers Arms and Springfield Park Tavern. I now live in a village called Crowhurst, near Battle in East Sussex. I still have strong memories of the area having worked at Express Motors and a spell as Road Sweeper.

  • ESZ

    Thank you for the message, Richard. I moved to Wolves Lane in 2004 and I like Middleton Road. I accidentally walked into a street event there where I experienced great community spirit.