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  • corina c

    Hello and thank you for welcome. Have a nice day.
  • Rachel Reading

    Thankyou for the welcome :)

  • Pat Blalock

    Thank you for the nice welcome! 

  • Lukie Hewat

    Thank you for your suggestion.  I wanted to 'reply' to your comment but don't know how to.  Please instruct.

    Actually I had looked at the site and there are almost no rooms available in the area for the approximate dates I want.

  • Bdjffj jfhfbfb

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the welcome.


  • Bob Bluffield

    Thanks Richard. I found your site while searching for info on Chung Ling Soo who died at the old Empire. I was born in Wood Green in 1949 and lived there and in Bowes Park, Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Winchmore Hill prior to moving to Milton Keynes. I was educated at Alexandra School, Glendale Grammar and then Wood Green School. So, the site has plenty for me as I enjoy exploring the history of he area and may well have some stories to tell myself. I assume you knew that Millicent Martin ('That Was the Week That Was') lived in the road where I was born (Park Riding) and her cousin, Bob Bedford, who lived net door to her was the Advertisement Manager of 'Record Mirror' in the 1960s and was the first person I ever knew who owned a Rolls Royce.

  • Bob Bluffield

    Ah! Old Park Ridings is, I think, a road that runs between Winchmore Hill and Enfield. I also remember seeing a troupe of dwarfs regularly on Wood Green High Road that I think were performers called the 'Harmonica Gang' Alan Jones, the tennis coach of Jo Dury was also in my class at school and the great tennis photographer, Tommy Hindley was in my football team and lived in River Park Road. Tom is probably the best known tennis photographer of all time.

  • Bob Bluffield

    Not been down there for some considerable time now. Until he retired ... I was a patient of Michael Stern at the dentists opposite the Odeon above Woolwich B/S I think it was. He was also a live wire in amateur dramatics at the pub on the left just before you get to Bounds Green Station (was it the Park Tavern or something?) and also prior to this at the Intimate Theatre.

    As a further interesting aside of well known people that lived in the area; when I was a kid in Park Ridings, the Spurs players Johnny Brooks and Eddie Clayton had digs at the top of the street and would sometimes kick a few balls with my mates and me when we played football in the street. In those days of course (around 1957) there weren't many cars about.

  • Bob Bluffield

    That's it ... the Springfield Tavern. I didn't know Bowie appeared at the Intimate. The former Spurs player Bobbie Smith lived in the block of flats opposite but when I lived down the road in Woodberry Avenue he had become almost down and out and would scrounge things from the local shops. Sad really but he only had himself to blame as he'd apparently turned to gambling and lost his job as a mini cab driver through drinking.

  • Ross Barnard

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the welcome and information – it certainly looks like there's plenty going on. Look forward to moving to Bounds Green in January. 



  • Rebecca W

    Thanks Richard - just moved to Bowes Park last month and already loving it. 

  • Graham Cleary

    Thank you Richard.

  • Donna Castle

    Thanks for the welcome comment Richard.
  • Maria Fotiadou

    Thank you for the welcome Richard. It's good to know what is happening in the area. I have already found a lot of useful info!


  • Rachel Joseph

    Hello Richard,
    Many thanks for adding me to the community website... I never knew this local resource was available.

    I am a local business woman and maybe interested in advertising my business here but I was interested if it is possible to advertise my car for sale on here as it is a good family car 7 seater... Anyway if you could let me know what the etiquette is for these sorts of things that would be great.

    Kind regards

  • Lucinda Charlton

    thanks for the warm welcome!

    Lucinda :)

  • David Lionel Hughes


    Good to meet you, even if it's only via the B&B website.  Unfortunately I have other things to do now, but in time I will contribute to discussions about local issues.

  • Sharon Peters

    Hi Richard, After 12 years of living here i don't know why it's taken me so long to join your site ... which I always enjoy browsing through ...but better late than never!

    Regards, Sharon

  • Penaran Higgs

    Hello - thanks for adding me Richard. I live in Maidstone Road with my 4 and 6 year old. I don't know why it's taken so long to join. Is it better to keep in touch with this site? Or over the facebook page. I am more of a facebook person...I hope.

  • Susan (Suzy) Margaret Godfrey

    Hi Richard,
    I grew up in the area and have attended Trinity at Bowes since a child so still very much involved in the area. Hope to let all those connected with Bowes and Bound know all the amazing activities and events happening at the TaB Centre alongside the church. Regards Suzy
  • soulla katsiani

    Thanks for your warm welcome. I like your site, it's a good idea to connect with neighbours. All the best, Soulla

  • Mridu Thanki

    Many thanks Richard for welcoming me to Bows & Bounds Green Connected.

    I will familiarize myself with how it all works and start being involved 

  • Phillip Dawson

    Thank you for creating my profile Richard. I will try and post events myself from now on so as not to bother you too much! We have lots going on at Christ Church Southgate. In 2015 we celebrate our 400th Anniversary as Southgate's Parish Church. We are delighted that we have just become Enfield's First "Inclusive Church". All our friends on Bowes & Bounds Green Connected are welcome to join us for our services or our events (or both!)

  • Val Turpin

    Thank you Richard for your welcome to Bowes and Bounds Connected.  A couple of friends recommended I join, so I will familiarize myself with the website first before I get involved

  • Arlene Regina Hellens

    Thank you Richard.  I should have joined ages ago!

    Looking forward to keeping up to date with Bowes and Bounds' activities.

  • Anne Crabtree

    Thank you Richard.  I hope to be able to bring something to the group as well as keep informed about the local area.  I think this is such a good idea.

    Anne Crabtree

  • Sophie

    Thanks for the welcome Richard :)

    I discovered this group after my event (Love Haringey Hate Tax Dodging 21st Oct) was kindly shared on here. I am so glad to have discovered this group as well as Haringey Online - what a great way to build a sense of community ;)

  • Sally Hunter

    Hi Richard, thanks for adding me. We met at AP& Beyond and it's taken me a while but I've finally made it here! Looking forward to sharing info about our lovely local area. Sally
  • Geoff watts

    Thanks for the welcome Richard, I was born and bred in Hornsey and Wood Green, worked at barratts Sweets Mayes Road as a van boy and then as a lorry driver until I emigrated to Australia in 1969 with my parents I think bowes and bounds is a great site I still like to keep up to date with the news in the area, keep up the good work  Regards Geoff Watts

  • Wendy Beauchamp-Ward

    Hallo Richard, Thanks for your welcome in November - I've only just seen it! Couldn't even remember whether I had a password, so just started over, the reason being that I wanted to find local poets for an event at Alexandra Park Library on 21st January 5.30-7.00.

  • Chris Merrick

    Hello Richard, thanks for the welcome!

    Looking forward to getting involved with the community and the site!

    Chris M
  • Alia F

    Many thanks for the welcome Richard! I'm new to the area so it's great to see so much community spirit.

  • Sheila

    Thank you Richard for your kind wellcome to the Bowes and Bounds community, Looking foward to meeting one and all, hope we can all meet up so we new members can put a face to a name.

  • Mark prince

    Thanks Richard. Could use your help adding an event. I've tried the link I was sent but it just goes straight the already listed page?
  • elena alessia

    Thank you Richard and thanks to the Bowes and Bounds,

    Kind regards,


  • Cecily McNamara

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks very much. I look forward to having an explore - what a great site for a lovely part of town!

  • Deborah Holder

    Thanks Richard for the warm welcome

  • Emma Kidd

    Thanks Richard!
  • Lynda How

    Thank you. Although I have lived in Bowes Park for 22 years it's only now I've decided to join up! I like what I see.

  • Fiona Davis

    Thank you, Richard! :-)
  • Nazih Hijazi

    Thank you Richard  and hope to see you at next event.

  • Yana Stajno

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for welcoming me onto the site which looks terrific. 

    As a local writer and artist based at the Chocolate Favtory, I want to invite local people to my book launch at the Big Green Bookshop, Woodgreen.  I also want to tell them that the book is coming out on the 16 July. Shall I add an event?

    Thanks so muhc.


  • Allison

    Hi Richard, your article on rail services affecting Bowes Park was very interesting and great news for the area!  I'm moving in hopefully by end of August and I'm really looking forward to being an active part of the community.  I'm moving from Crouch End - was going to move into a flat there (for a ridiculous price) - when I decided to have a look at Bowes Park.  I love the feel of the area but have issues about the men loitering on the side streets and around the New River path - came across one who was relieving himself on a fence.  I would love to find a way to discourage this; perhaps through the forum we can collectively come up with some ideas.

    Best wishes.  Allison


  • Andreas S Jensen

    Hi Richard.

    Thanks for your welcome message!

    I recently moved to Bowes Park and absolutely love the place, and the great community vibe here !

    I am a singer-songwriter, musician and producer, and am looking forward to playing my first solo gig @ MUMS on Thursday August 20th, 8-10PM. It's a FREE GIG, YEAH!! And I hope some of you guys will be coming down to check out my music! 

    All the best, Andreas

  • Ali Barwani

    Thank you for adding me. I will enjoy exploring your site.
  • Judy Dyble

    Thank you Richard for your welcome, it is many years since I lived in the area, but it was the are of my teenage ramblings as you will see if you look at my website

    I am currently in the middle of writing my biography and this area does feature in it!! I may have to ask people questons on here about it when my memory fails me :-)

  • Renaissance

    Thanks Richard. Please could you email us the pictures from yesterday to

  • Jemima Headey

    Thanks Richard - not living in the area yet but we hope to be soon! Have been spending many Saturday mornings in The Step in between flat viewings! We love the area, I'll be keeping an eye on this site for sure. Choir & folk club sound awesome!
  • Bob Cassidy

    Thanks for the welcome Richard. I've lived in the area for 16 years and have no intention of leaving!
  • Graeme Aymer

    Thanks Richard. We moved here last summer and are just trying to take part in the community now we're a bit more settled. 

    Thanks again,