18 December, 11am-1pm; Zoom delivery, cost £25

Dialogue can capture the rhythms and cadences of spoken language, adding richness and texture to our writing. It can also root us in place and time and the lived experience of real people. Conversations between characters might reveal their inner lives in fascinating ways as well as effecting the relationship between characters which sets a story in motion. But do you sometimes struggle with getting your characters to speak? Do they sometimes dry up when you most need them to take the story forwards? 

With in-depth analyses of diverse examples in fiction, we will explore techniques for enhancing the dialogue in our own stories, allowing our characters to come alive through their voices and to take us where our stories need to go. 

In this first workshop we will respond to writing prompts designed to attune to our characters’ voices and to know better what they might say, and how. We will also respond to prompts which explore the ways in which dramatic tension is built as characters move through their verbal exchange.

One of a series of Sunday Masterclasses from Writing Room this Autumn.

Time: December 18, 2022 from 11am to 1pm

Location: Zoom Online from Writing Room

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Event Type: writing dialogue, dialogue masterclass, characterisation and dialogue