ADDING A NEW FORUM POST The heart of the site is the forum, please do add new discussions and respond to others messages The process is fairly straightforward and is set out in a handy step-by-step guide available as a PDF download.

EDITING A FORUM POST: Once you have posted a forum post you can change the content by editing, ammending or adding to the text - This Guide explains how.

ADDING EVENT LISTINGS The Bowes and Bounds website supports and promotes the vibrant community life and volunteer-run activity within our area. Site members are invited to use the platform to set up listings for events and activities they have organised. A document explaining How to add an Event Listing is available as a download A second document explains how to edit an event you have previously uploaded.

PROFILE INFOMATION AND PICTURES Your profile reveals as much or as little about yourself as you choose. You can select to hide or show age, gender and location. It’s always nice to put a face to a name - but even if you don't want upload a portrait - a picture or image can help to diferentiate members from each other, so please upload a profile picture on the BowesAndBounds Network. The ideal image size for your profile picture is 183 pixels x 183 pixels although any square image will be resized. If you have already registered, you need to select 'Settings' at the top of the right hand column on this page, then select 'Your Photo' and then choose an image from your own computer that you wish to use. When you've completed this, select 'DONE'. Remember to save the changes by selecting the 'save' button at the bottom right of the page, your image will then appear throughout the network site. How to change your Profile Info.

SENDING PRIVATE MESSAGES If you "leave a comment" everyone on the network can see the message however, there is a way to send totally private messages to each other. Go to the envelope icon marked "Inbox" in the top right hand section of any page and there you will see an option to "Compose", this will create a private email between you and the recipient.

SUPPORT The Network is simple to follow, especially if you have used other social networks but, if you are having a problem please ask for help. Submit any questions to “Administrator” (listed on the Members page), Alternatively you can email questions to:

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