Myddleton Road

Myddleton Road is a much loved, yet sadly dilapidated street in the centre of our area.

It was once the pride of Bowes Park ... and it could be again.

We are appreciative of the work done over many years by the Bowes Park Community Association and the Myddleton Road Strategy group who in association with our local councillors and council officers have striven to make improvements - and tackle decline.

Yet amongst the closed shops and some questionable approaches to planning regulations we also have much to celebrate - an exciting new street market,  a beautiful community garden and the community gym. Alongside these collectively-organised and volunteer-run facilities we also have a mix of traders - some new others established for a generation or more. 

Survey Results The We Love Myddleton Road Group undertook a survey during April 2015 which generated responses from over 500 local residents, to find out what they think of Myddleton Road and what they would like to see on it in future. 

An enormous 80% of respondents report that the street has improved in the last two years.

The results highlight how much residents value the friendly, independent businesses on the street, but also the enormous spending power of households living nearby that could potentially be brought on to the street if it continues to improve; the full document is available to download as a PDF.

Cash Mob: The We Love Myddleton Road Group organised a "Cash Mob" in May 2014 - and another in June 2015 Its a simple Idea a group of people committed to support the independent traders in Myddleton Road and generate a bit of interest in some really great local small businesses. Around 70 people showed up - injecting about £700 in to the street over the course of one morning ... but making connections that will continue as shoppers return to the street and neighbours meet and share ideas and recommendations. Full details of the Cash Mob event are here

Lantern Parade 2014 A childrens Christmas lantern workshop followed by a parade along Myddleton Road and a community carol singing event marked the start of Christmas in Bowes Park. Neil Morrisey turned on the Christmas Lights and Melanie Masson led the singing more details of the event here and do have a look at the photographs

Other Events including spring clean and tidy-up days and a street festival continue to improve our area. If you want to get involved in organising or helping with activities Please fill in the form below. 

The terrific My Bowes Park project by Sound Delivery captured the stories of how Myddleton Road used to be - in living memory - you can listen to the stories here.

On this website we have collected and written about the quirky and particular history of this road - stories of it's architecture, it's retailers and barbers shop and, how the community organised a festival in the late 90s  and more; secretive stories behind the elegant Edwardian facades. It has even been recommended as a venue for a birthday outing!

A renewed interest in the future of planning and redevelopment on Myddelton Road - not just the past - has generated online discussion and public meetings to identify what we - as residents - can do to improve Myddleton Road and Bowes Park.

We Love Myddleton Road!

You can follow the discussions on the forum - do join in and have your say - and if you want to join your neighbours in making a difference please fill in your details - in the form below or by following this link.


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We Love Myddleton Road - and we're working to make sure it's future is as grand as it's past.

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