The owner has reapplied to the council to demolish the existing building and replace with a new much bigger one.  Only 4 parking spaces for 8 flats, loss of light to nearby homes and potential for subsidence.  Comments can be made on:

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Many thanks for posting this Dave. I really would urge everyone to read the application and respond. The owners have commissioned a Heritage Statement that basically argues that Bowes Park doesn't warrant conservation status. I know that everyone has a lot on at the moment but we really need to protect the area, this is one of the oldest buildings in the area and once it's gone that's it. I've copied three separate paragraphs below :

"Myddleton Road has some architectural and historic significance as a once prosperous
middle class late C19th commercial street, however this significance has been severely undermined, despite a recent attempt to improve it through Council/Historic England grant aided improvements, by its loss of traditional shopfronts and original architectural detailing as well as inappropriate alterations such as uPVC windows."

"Otherwise the Bowes Park Conservation Area could be argued to have a low degree of
architectural and historic significance as an example of late C19th lower middle class suburban development resulting from the expansion of the railways. However, the buildings and spaces between them are unremarkable and there are vast swathes of late C19th London suburbs of greater interest and in far better condition. Sadly, it is an inescapable fact that the conservation area has suffered years of neglect."

"The Bowes Park Conservation Area was designated on 29/11/1994. Clearly, many changes
have occurred to the area since this time. However, despite 26 years passing since
designation and the Planning Act requiring conservation areas to be reviewed according to the London Borough of Haringey’s website Bowes Park ‘does not have a current adopted appraisal’. Reports commissioned by the Council in recent years have drawn attention to the degradation of parts of the conservation area and even called its designation ‘questionable’ (Managing Change, Conservation and Regeneration of Myddleton Road, 2011)."

I just thought I’d mention, Deidre, that no objection from you has appeared on the council web site in case something had gone wrong with the site.  There’s no rush of course, the site is open until the 26th November.  Sorry if I’m nagging!

Thanks Dave. I was waiting on some advice but I did finally manage to get my objection in. Fingers crossed.

Thank you, Deirdre.

Planning permission has now been refused. Thanks again, Deirdre. Bt 


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