Hi all,

I had an idea about those busy trains to Moorgate, and have just sent it to the train operator to see what they say. I thought I'd gauge opinion here too, to see if anyone thinks it would help as much as I do! Here's most of what I've said (minus the pleasantries):

"As you’re hopefully aware, [the service between Bowes Park and Old Street] can be extremely busy during rush hour. As you also may agree, the design of the trains is not that helpful to the volume of people using them; there isn’t much space between the seats for people to stand, and it’s quite hard to get to the seats. Compared to tube trains, which have more doors per carriage, passengers have significantly more difficulty getting on and off. Compared to tube trains, I see more conflict between passengers: people shouting at each other, people refusing to move to allow others on/off etc.

"I wondered if, given all of this, you would consider the following suggestion: at busy times, would it make sense to have one of the doors on each carriage designated for entry, and one for exit? 

"I think this would reduce conflict (directional and verbal) between passengers, and facilitate a more efficient flow of people through the carriages. It would also surely speed up station time as people wouldn’t be moving against each other; this might then contribute towards reduced delays. I think it could in theory make the trains run more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.

"As I say, it would only need to be during peak hours. Doors could simply be marked with, for example, a sticker indicating whether they’re to be used for getting on or off. I also don’t think it would need enforcing as such; there would be an initial process of informing all passengers of the new system, then after this it would enforce itself - people would get used to it, queue in the right place etc."

Just a thought. Happy to hear agreement, disagreement, or even silence! 


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My main point was that I have never actually seen anyone give up one of these seats, either for someone in a wheelchair or to allow more passengers to get in the carriage by standing up.  So simply removing a few seats a carriage on the overground short commute trains might be a better option to get more people on the trains in peak times.

I suspect the biggest challenge will be all those seated and standing at the "In" end who want to get to the "Off" end at eg Finsbury Park and Highbury in particular through a crowded carriage. Making sure all the trains run on time / run at all and with 6 carriages would be a decent, alternate, place to start.

I don't believe Don's chart - 838 people using Moorgate in 2002/3 - Don? Not like you. Karl's head is now down at this point.

Hi Karl

You write:

 I don't believe Don's chart - 838 people using Moorgate in 2002/3 - Don? Not like you. Karl's head is now down at this point.

I reproduced a chart from elsewhere. As the note on the chart taken from Wikipedia makes clear, the source of the statistics is the Office of Rail Regulation

Don, I was just surprised you didn't pull the Office of Rail Regulator and Wiki up first, that was all. I know how spot on you always are.


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