Does this lovely tortoiseshell cat belong to anyone? For the last few weeks he is always in our garden at our house in Maidstone Road, Bounds Green, N11 and seems to have made friends with our own cat. He is quite thin but otherwise healthy. I have been giving him a bit of food but I am worried he belongs to someone. Anyone recognise him?

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I don't know who he belongs to, but he has a cheeky smile!  Also my apologies to residents of Maidstone Road as my siamese Ruby is busy making friends and invading homes!


Hi Hester. Thanks for your reply. Is this Ruby?

yes it is! she has no fear, is totally curious and has no idea of self preservation!  The other day I just happened to spot her leaping into a neighbours car when they had left their boot open and just about magaged to get her out!  We also have a Russian blue called Daisy she is more timid, but managed to give us a scare when she went walkabout last year. Oh the other thing about Ruby is very occasionally she will 'say' Mama as clear as can be she is a gorgeous girl.

This is a my daughter doing 'fashion' but it's Ruby in the background that cracks me up, by some strange quirk of lighting she looks like she has a wonderful 'tache!  I like to imagine her going out every day in a different disguise!

Oh yes we have seen Ruby out and about. She pops along to sit on our window sill in our front garden...I open the curtains and there she is. She also sometimes sits on the fence in the back garden. My black cat Sophie goes over to say hello. That photo of her was taken next to my bins.

I see Ruby patrolling the pavement of Maidstone Road. What number does she/you live at as I think you are not far from me? I am at 102. 

yes we are 112! 

Gorgeous tabby cat - he looks like he's posing for the camera!

Lovely cat. A local vet should be able to tell if he's chipped?

Is he a tom? IF so, he will be difficult to look after. Our vet, Mr Staton, sometimes neuters toms so that people in the community can care after them and feed them more easily. The cat has a gorgeous face :) 

You could print off a paper collar -

I did this once with a cat that kept turning up in my garden and I did get a phone call back from the owner to say all was ok.

Don't make it too tight and only loosely tape it.

Does it have a blue plastic collar? I live on Lyndhurst Road and there was a very friendly cat that used to visit us until recently that looked very similar although it was a female. I haven't seen her for a few weeks and was getting a bit worried!


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