Are There Any Good Kebab Restaurant/ Take Aways Around Here???

When we moved to the area we were hoping we'd find a good/ great kebab restaurant within easy reach of Bounds Green! Sadly we've had no luck so far! Last night, we once again ended up at our favourite in Finchley, but only after an exhaustive drive (traffic was horrendous yesterday) to what we have been informed as the best in the area, in Palmers Green! But as the queue was out the door and they looked like they were running out of food, we decided to move on!
So any other suggestions (hidden finds) will be greatly welcomed! 10 mins drive is the furthest we'd like to go!

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Try 'Kouzina' at 345 Green Lanes,a 5 minute walk from Palmers Green overground.Run by a fantastically friendly London Greek man who really knows his food.I've been there several times since opened it around 3 years ago and it has always been top notch.

Ditto that remark about Kouzina...but if your looking for a really good take away Turkish kebab, there's one at the bottom of Melbourne Ave which has never failed me yet............apart from the name !!

There is of course a really fine Turkish restaurant in Muswell Hill called Celicia, to which my wife and I treat ourselves to......really good food !!!

A third vote for Kouzina - it's a more modern style than many local kebab places, great service and it has an exceptional selection of fresh fish and seafood.

For more traditional style there is, of course, the famous Vrisaki in Myddleton Road: a huge tardis of a restaurant behind an ordinary looking take-away. Paneri on Green Lanes is another traditional Cypriot style restaurant that never disappoints.

Vrisaki! We used to go there often when we lived off Myddleton Rd. Or Aksular in Palmers Green.

You're totally correct about Vrisaki Susie,i found them rude and they're terrible for rushing you out quickly  once you've paid the bill.I know a few other people who won't go in there any more due to this.

well thank goodness for that........I didn't like to say but Vrtisaki has outstayed its welcome as far as my wife and I are concerned .......had a really bad experience with the  staff, who were extremely rude.............

oh my we went to vrisaki a lot and it was always pleasant...

yes aksular is great and indeed always busy.

try the harringay end of green lanes too. devran for example has delicious food!

We've always absolutely loved To Spitiko on the Green Lanes on the corner of Belsize Avenue. Think it might have changed hands recently, although to a son or nephew, and the quality was still the same. The last time we visited there were no tables left and I was really pleased for them, that didn't used to be a problem at To Spitiko. The take away was just as tasty and even better value for money.

The Kouzina had a notice in its wondow yesterday saying that it is closed for the time being because of fire damage!


I agree with the comments about Vrisaki. Their kebabs are very good, but I don't like the staff. 

I am also a fan of To Spitiko. Not sure about Kouzina. I went there just after they opened, and I found the service terrible. I used to get my takeaway from Lemon Tree on Green Lanes, but I haven't been there for a while. The food and staff were very nice there.

What put me off Vrisaki was that when a group of ten of us went for a Meze, we had one vegetarian in the group who obviously didn't want the full meze and asked for just an extra portion of Homous - but they wouldn't allow this, they said every one of us had to order a full meal!!  However still use it for the occasional take-away.

No-one has mentioned Gokyuzu - Turkish place on Green Lanes near St. Ann's Road.  Their kebabs are fantastic and it's far cheaper than the Greek places - loads of free salads come with the kebab.  Downside it's always completely packed!  

The Kouzina in Pamers Green is excellent. But I used to live in Muswell Hill before moving to Bounds Green, and the best Turkish in Muswell Hill is most certainly Kilim on Fortis Green Road, close to the crossroads past Sainsburys. Enjoy!!


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