After 5 years it's bye bye Bowes Park from me - we are making a move up the railway line to Hertford. Most of our garden pots will come with us but there are some plants and bits we'd like to rehome in the neighbourhood. 

Here's a list and photo:

1 walnut tree in a pot - bought from a community garden sale it looks lovely in summer and if you could plant it properly in the ground we're sure it would give you walnuts

1 established rosemary plant, in bloom!

1 baby rosemary plant

Geraniums in pots, red flowers

2 pots of irises - beautiful blue flowers

2 potted fuschias

Hollyhocks in pots (Bowes Park seeds!)

One raised bed - wood frame and liner - which we will empty of its bulbs and blooms

Compost. Quite a lot of it. Bring a sturdy sack or Ikea bag!

2 compost bins bought from Haringey's provider

LOADS of plastic plant pots of all sizes

A dustbin brazier

Some netting, greenhouse frames - other bits and bobs. 

If you're interested in any of this please send a message. We're still here until the end of the month. 


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Hi Lindsey. Id be interested in all. A friend of mine has a new allotment and I've been clearing it for her as she's not well and her son has learning difficulties and has come out of hospital recently after serious surgery. It would cheer them both up to have some stuff in the plot as there was a huge amount of rubbish they've inherited and were told to clear by the council. Nice of Haringey!

hi lindsey!

I would be interested in the irises if there are any left?? ;-)

Good luck with the move!

Hi Lindsey,I am from Friends of Arnos Park,we would like anything you have spare please especially the walnut tree,brazier, and compost.thanks very much.Janeyb I'm on 07810224201.thanks a lot

Thanks for your messages! Sounds like we'll be able to giveaway most of this stuff to you three which makes me happy. I will message you privately to arrange. 

Oh no Lindsey....will be really sad to see you and Pete go and won't he get nose bleeds that far from Central London?! Good luck with everything and be sure to pop in for a pint or two and a Lucky Lascott on me before you go.

Aw thanks Mat! We'll definitely be in for a few drinks before we leave. 

Ooh how exciting! Really sorry to see you go though - thank you so so much for all your help and support in bringing Salsa to Bounds Green! It was absolutely lovely having you in class :) If you need any help with the move, I'm around in the daytimes so just shout! Sureka xx


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