Attempted catalytic converter theft in Lascotts Road this lunchtime.

The thieves were scared away by the car's owner but he will still need to pay for repairs to his car. Police attended. Maybe a good time to clock the number-plates of car being used by groups of young men carrying out hasty vehicle "repairs" in our residential streets.

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Peter, thank you for posting this. I recall there was a post on B&B specifically concerning people photographing other peoples' vehicles but I couldn't find it so I'm posting here instead. Earlier today I noticed some guy taking photos of my car (he's about 6ft tall, thin, short-light-brown-hair). I can't think of a legitimate reason why someone would want to do this and I was pretty cheesed off at the time but I guess taking a photo isn't crime of the century and I'm interested in others' perspective on whether this is something we should be concerned about. In case people are interested I've captured some (poor close-up) stills of the car the guy got into from the video I took at the time.


Thanks Matthew - There was an earlier post about suspicious vehicle photography. (follow the link).

Might be worth alerting the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team?

will do

matthew - the photos you uploaded are far too small to see anything

yes, you should be concerned. there is an increasing criminal element operating in the area. look at all the eastern european men hanging around in the cafes in the high road, all with very expensive cars (and fake/stolen disabled parking badges). they're definitely involved in something dodgy, and well paid.

and some of the businesses in the high road are just fronts for money laundering

ps - fuel was siphoned out of my car in the woodside road region recently too.

Hi Jayne, unfortunately these images are the best I have - I was on the phone to someone else when I spotted what was happening and just managed to grab a mobile phone and press record.  Any evidence is better that none though and I would draw your attention to the mid-blue Volkswagen golf in the centre of the photos which has distinctive alloy wheels.  Perhaps armed with this information our community can be quicker off the mark than I was in identifying our car-spotter friend and capturing further details.  I will be offering what little evidence I have to the police in due course.


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