Violent bag snatch outside house on Whittington Road near the junction with Thorold Road at about 9.10 this evening.  The attacker described as black stocky man about 5'10" ran past the nursery down Whittington Road after the attach. Be careful everyone.

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We walked past about five minutes after this happened. It was an awful thing to take place and I really hope the lady involved is ok now. 

The word 'mugging' downgrades what it really is: robbery with violence.


I hope they catch the £%&!er...hopefully there's some CCTV that can trace his route towards or away from the attack location.

This incident got a little bit of national coverage - in the Telegraph, read the full story

I've run along this road hundred of times so its really scary. Mind you I try to avoid running when its dark but its a bit hard during the winter. I did once get approached by a kid on a bike but thankfully he didn't try anything. Will be extra vigilant. 

There was also a violent robbery in the alleyway between Maidstone Road and Tewksbury Terrace last week (I think it was Thursday evening). My next door neighbour had to give the thief everything - I don't know the details much further than that. The police took my neighbour on a chase to try and find the thief but I don't think they found him.

The same neighbour's house was broken into a few months ago.

Another neighbour across the street - an elderly man - says that thieves have recently tried to break into his home. 

I think we're being specifically targeted. 

Lior, thank you for posting this - it helps to know so we can be extra vigilant.  Was your neighbour able to describe the mugger?

Yes, Lior, thank you for alerting us to this, so I know to avoid going down that alleyway and to just go the long way round. Your poor neighbour having been both robbed in the street and her/his house broken into within a few months!

I haven't had a chance to talk to him myself - just heard through my mum. Hoping to catch him soon and find out more. Will let you know. 

Thank you for alerting us all - Theresa 

Just been into the newsagent on Bounds Green Road, near The Ranelagh, and they had some bottles of wine stolen just now. The lady was in the shop on her own when it happened. Police were there talking to them. I hope it's just a case of people reporting more crimes and the area's not going down hill

My friends in Muswell Hill had a spate of robberies a few years ago but then it stopped. It could be that thieves target certain areas before moving on. 

Sad to hear these stories. I forwarded this thread to Bonds Green councillor Joanna Christophides.

She replied that she has monthly meetings with the police so will raise this with them. Any suggestions on how we can help put a stop to crime in the area? 


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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