The Ranelagh or The Springfield?

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Michelle - Do you have any evidence of the alleged drug problems in the Springfield, perhaps you could provide a link to an online news report to back up this assertion? I would be interested to see it. 

I have been in the Springfield to watch sport on TV several times before - and to watch music, with friends ... I had no idea I was the wrong class of drinker and "a bit rough" ...   

Donna I am sure you would be made very welcome at the Springfield to watch football.

 Michelle: do have fun with the folks who live on the hill ... we plebs are doing just fine in Bowes Park and Bounds Green Thank You.
He must have been shot by a better class of drinker.

I have not had any problems watching football in the Springfield. I am quite a "good class" of person. Some may argue of course.

I do not think the Ranleigh shows football.

Thanks all for your thoughts! 

I recommend Ranelagh, it's more adequate and comfortable than Springfield. However, you should be careful with the drinking there, sometimes the people doing the drinking are a bit... rough around the edges. I agree with the previous advice - Crouch End is a good choice to aviod most possible problems. I don't want to sound like a puff, but, unfortunately, what Michelle Jones said is true.


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