Evening all,

There's a black fluffy cat been hanging around (not an issue, we fed it some ham tonight) but wanted to know if it does indeed belong to anyone or if it is a stray. Doesn't have a collar but seems in good health.

Pic below (I know, not the best). Just want to make sure it has somewhere to go if it's a stray.

Cheers, Matt

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Hi Matt,

There was a black fluffy cat go missing on Stanley Road a couple of months ago.  Does this one look in good condition, or does it look obviously stray?  Does it have a collar?  I have a cat carry box you can borrow if you want to try and take it into a vet to see if it is microchipped.  Thanks,



Thanks for coming back -- he/she doesn't have a collar. Has a pretty prominent bald patch which looks to me as if one was there but was torn off (e.g. if the cat got stuck somewhere). It wasn't back around last night but the night I posted it, it seems okay health wise, gave it a squeeze to see and it didn't feel like it hadn't had food for weeks; this may be due to another such as us feeding it.

That sounds like a good plan, Paul -- if it does indeed come back around this evening and is hungry again, I'll send you a message and collect it to get it over to a vet soonest to see about the chip.

Thanks Matt.  I will send a connection request with my mobile number/email.



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