Bounds Green Business Association - Get Involved! (PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR PREFERRED MEETING DATE BELOW!)

Dear neighbours, 

If any of you run businesses that benefit the local community, we would like to invite you to be a part of the Bounds Green Business Association! 

This group aims to: 

  • Provide support and advice to business owners to enable us to better serve our community
  • Provide networking and brainstorming opportunities to members to help tackle issues such as marketing dilemmas, social media queries, work/life balance etc
  • Provide opportunities for business growth through mutual brand awareness and cross referrals (including incentives and prizes for members who make the most business referrals!)
  • Offer inspiration and motivation with regular opportunities to discuss 1) Progress and 2) Next steps in our business plans. 
  • Invite speakers to present on such topics as 'Optimising Your Social Media Impact and Increasing Your Mind Power to Maximise Effect etc
  • Organise an annual fundraising event to benefit the local community plus social events for members
  • And much more! 

If you are a local business owner and are interested to know more, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment here.

The first few meetings will be FREE!

Best wishes, 

Sureka Fernando

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This is a great idea. There used to be a freelancers meeting on the last Friday of the month. But I think this has been stopped now.

Thanks Antoinnette! Maybe the Freelance Fridayers would be interested in getting involved? I'm envisaging that the BGBA meetings will be slightly more structured with the specific aims of boosting our businesses while maximising our contribution to the local community. So for example, we'll start with 60 second introductions of each member's business to enable cross referral, include a training section etc but we can all discuss these things together in the preliminary meetings. Best, Sureka x

I am interested in this-do I come under Bounds Green though-live in Dagmar Road not far from Durnsford Road

Yes of course - you'd be more than welcome! Sureka

Great to see there's been lots of interest for this both here and via email! I will schedule our first FREE and informal meeting at the start of July so watch this space.

In the meantime, let's start as we mean to go on! My company, Salsa With Sureka is hosting a Charity Salsa Party to raise money for the amazing North London Samaritans on Saturday 11 July. 

We secure group discounts and donate the discount to charity - so the more people who come out and party, the more money we raise for this amazing cause! 

Here's how you can help:

1) Join us to party and spread the word - the more people we get, the more money we raise  - Here's the info: Charity Summer Salsa Party!

2) Donate a prize for our prize draw - you will get publicity while helping raise even more money for the North London Samaritans. So far we have a private Salsa lesson for 2 worth £50  and a 1-1 Photoshop training session worth £50. It would be great to offer as many prizes as possible!

How it works:

Entry is via donation of £5 to North London Samaritans via our justgiving page (giving you discounted party entry). If you donate £10 or more, you qualify for the prize draw! 

For more info, or to join us or donate prizes, please email me at Many thanks Sureka x

Sounds Great! Please keep me updated,I would love to take part in it. Gabriela

HI Sureka

I would like to donate a 6 layer Taste the Rainbow Skittles Cake

Once the Business Association is up in running, is it possible to have some meetings in the evening as I have a day job (My self employed business is a cake baker/decorator.  There are other similar groups who only meet up in the morning which is frustrating for me


That's awesome thank you! Please can I have your business name, website address and telephone number so I can give you some lovely publicity? Thanks Sureka x

ps. Mornings would probably be the best time for those of us with little ones who struggle to get out/ work in the evenings but will maybe try to do a monthly evening meet up as well as a monthly morning meetup if you're willing to be responsible for hosting the evening one (Or maybe share this responsibility with a few members)?

Thanks for all your replies, messages of support and interest in the Bounds Green Business Association! Sorry for the reply but I've been busy getting ready to teach and perform Salsa tomorrow at Myddleton Road Street Festival and I know many of you will be there too.  After that, I'll be in touch to schedule our first meeting for the beginning of July - exciting times!

In the meantime, here's a little inspiration from my talented friend Tom Fortes Mayer that I hope will help you grow your businesses x


The power of SELF-FULFILLING BELIEFS - Meet yourself and others with total belief in their talent, intelligence and ability to manifest your expectations...

Two psychologists, Rosenthal and Jacobson, demonstrated
this innate human ability in the late 1960s when they took
a classroom of young children and tested their levels of
intelligence and effectiveness at school. As the children were
young, they predominantly had one teacher for most of
their lessons. Rosenthal and Jacobson then told the teacher
the names of three of the children who were intelligent and
destined to do well. The children were not informed that they
had been selected.
In truth, the three children were actually from the average
section of the class, and were not especially intelligent at
all. However, by the end of the year, those children had done
much better than their counterparts. What the psychologists
were studying was the attitude of the teacher toward them.
What they discovered was the teacher operated with a kind
of implied expectation. When any of those three children
struggled, the teacher dealt with them in a way in which
those children felt that the teacher really believed in them.
That belief was contagious and they began to believe in
themselves more and so they thrived.
Of course, the results of Rosenthal and Jacobson’s
experiment make total sense and are not that surprising,
but vital information if you are a teacher, or a parent, or
a manager. However, it is also important to consider how
these principles play out inside your mind. When you run
into difficulty do you meet yourself with total belief? Do you
think of yourself as gifted, intelligent, and able to cope? What
implied expectations do you have about yourself? FreeMind
reprogramming is all about putting you in the most positive
and powerful state of mind so that you can bring out the best
performance from yourself.
When every part of us believes in a new possibility, the unconscious has the power to make it manifest.
Tom Fortes Mayer
Taken from his book "The FreeMind Experience"

Hi, I would like to donate an hour long drawing session for 2 people.
Good luck!

Dear all, 

Thank you for all your replies and interest both here and via email - please could you vote for your preferred date for our first meeting!

Monday 13 July - 10am - 12 noon

Monday 13 July - 7pm-9pm

Thursday 16 July - 10am-12 noon

The dates with the most votes will be our first meeting! 


At the meeting, we will introduce ourselves and our businesses (please bring plenty of business cards to share), discuss the format and frequency of the meetings to maximise business growth and get started on some initial goals for the group eg. installing more noticeboards locally to advertise our services to the community etc. 

Many thanks again for your interest and don't forget to vote for your preferred date. 

Mon 13th 7-9pm please!


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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