Dear All,

I have decided to reignite the debate on introducing a CPZ on the Enfield side of Bounds Green. As I am sure many of you are aware Enfield Council consulted on the idea around 5 years ago now and since then its my belief that things have got worse.

I live on York Road and on speaking to my immediate neighbors saw that there was an agreement that it would be good if something could be done. I leafleted the majority of York Road on Friday to canvas opinion asking for people to sign there name at the following link and have been quite pleased with the response so far.

I conducted a unscientific survey last week along York Road which showed that on Saturday and Sunday at around 1pm, there were 16 and 18 spaces respectively that were available, however at the same time on Monday there were only 2.

It is quite clear that the bulk of the availability of spaces is concentrated during weekdays and the problem is being caused by commuters who use our roads as a car park. As Haringey have a CPZ covering their side it has further pushed more vehicles down into Enfield.


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That’s really fantastic news Ellie - thank you.
Could you re-post the map again, it’s still not showing on your post. Thanks

Hi Zeta

It's showing there as far as I can see on the message - it's an attachment at the bottom of the message rather than a link within the body.  I'm afraid I'm not sure how else to attach it!


Thank you for the update. Now that the CPZ zones are outlined does anyone know when & how the area wide consultation mentioned will be undertaken. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. With local elections coming up the financial year will quickly pass.....It would be helpful if other roads could arrange petitions as Kelvin and Melbourne did....... 


Please see notification from Cllr Yasmin Brett, below regarding an area wide consultation for a Controlled Parking Zone between the Hertford Loop rail line and Green Lanes. CPZs are known to have overspill effects so may trigger calls for a CPZ elswewhere:
"Dear Residents

We thank you for getting in touch with us in respect of introducing Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Some roads have now reached the numbers of petition signatures required to trigger the Council’s consultation process. We appreciate this is time consuming and may seem bureaucratic but the Council has to justify its decision to all residents.

Our officer Jonathan Goodson now advises the following: I am now able to confirm to residents that the Council intends to proceed with an area-wide CPZ consultation in Bowes amongst its parking scheme work of the coming 2018/19 financial year.

Following Haringey’s introduction of a CPZ along our borders, and the number of CPZ requests coming forward in the area from Green Lanes to the railway line going west, we have requested officers to look at an area-wide CPZ for that area. This was also strongly supported at a recent area forum. We agree with residents that the parking overspill from Haringey is making it difficult to park and generally move about in the area. Hopefully, consultation on the CPZ will start early in 2018/19.The earlier date was secured after considerable lobbying.

Cllr Yasemin Brett
Cllr Alan Sitkin
Cllr Achilleas Georgiou

Bowes Ward"

I assumed an area wide consultation removed the need for individual roads to carry out further petitions as those roads that have done so have triggered an area wide consultation.  At the last Ward Forum it was acknowledged by councillors that the CPZ process takes 2 years and that 2020 was the earliest realistic date for implementation.  Hence I understand the council is trying to drive the area consultation forward to meet this date.

Thanks for posting this update Matthew - it’s the same one word for word that he sent to me (Kelvin Avenue) and Jeff on Melbourne Avenue!!

I am now pushing Jonathan Goodson at the council to give us a more exact timescale for the CPZ consulatation - 2018/19 is still a long time. I emailed again last night. The councillors have been copied into all correspondence and have been really supportive - they were very on board when we went to the ward meeting at the end of January and raised these issues.

My understanding is that no further petitions are needed in this area from Green Lanes west to the railway line now that we have written confirmation that the consultation will be area wide.

Where we will all need to get into action is knocking on doors and persuading all residents to complete the consultation forms in agreement for the CPZ - as far as I’m aware a no reply is taken as a no to the CPZ. So we will all need to work together to drum up support when that time comes.

Will post further updates as and when I have them,

I gather Enfield have committed to starting the consultation this financial year hopefully before the summer. I’ll be keeping a look out for it being put through the door and returning it completed! 

Thanks for this Linda. Yes, Enfield Council have confirmed that they will be starting the area-wide consultation "as soon as possible" after the local elections on the 3rd May.  What would be really helpful to the cause is to have several volunteers from roads in the area to go and knock on doors and speak to neighbours about the consultation, and to answer any questions that people may have.  In order for the CPZ to be considered, we will need a minimum response (and within that a minimum level of agreement) to the consulatation.  Many neighbours may not be aware that this is something that local residents are pushing for for the benefit of everyone in the area, so if we can get together to encourage people to respond once the consultation letters have been sent out that would be great.

I will update here as soon as I have any more news on the dates for the consultation, but we'll be writing to the Council again straight after the local elections at the start of May.  Watch this space!


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