Dear All,

I am currently the Sergeant for the Bounds Green Safer neighbourhoods Police Team. I believe that it would be beneficial to have a forum thread dedicated to policing issues, and invite you to share any concerns you have about your local area with me here. I cannot promise an immediate response, however I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

A few updates for you:

1) We are currently in the process of recruiting a new Dedicated Ward Officer after PC Laura Coates left our team to become a Safer Schools officer.

2) I am currently running a knife crime prevention operation throughout Haringey Borough- Operation Treebeard. Please search #mpstreebeard from next week for updates. The next phase of the operation will be a knife amnesty, with weapons bins being placed outside of Wood Green and Tottenham Police Stations.

3) I have been made aware of issues surrounding both drink/drug related ASB on Myddleton Road and potential drug dealing within Myddleton Road and its' environs. It is important to communicate the fact that patrols (both overt and covert) have been conducted in the area every day that we have been working. I plan to increase these patrols and positively deal with offenders. I aim to resolve this issue for you expeditiously. You may contact me directly and in confidence via email:, should you have any information to share.

4) I have been asked to find within my ward a female volunteer to assist in promotion/recruitment of female police officers, who are still under represented within the Metropolitan Police Service. The role would be unpaid, however it would be a fantastic opportunity for someone who wishes to develop their CV or enhance a UCAS application. Please email me at should this be of interest to you.

Good evening to you all,


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Appreciate the update.

I have noticed that specific areas within Bowes Park /Bounds Green have CCTV whereas others do not. We have experienced several burglaries on our road yet no CCTV has ever been installed. Are you able to advise please.


Thank you for your reply Irena.

The camera used in the prevention and detection of crime that you refer to, generally have their location decided by the local council. Of course, there is consultation with police prior to these cameras being placed in their respective locations.  Without knowing where you live, it is hard for me to say why there are not cameras on your road, whilst there are on others.

Plainly speaking, there is the cost implications to consider (both material costs and staffing costs) in terms of reviewing footage and maintaining cameras, and therefore, consideration must be given to the proportionality of placing a camera at a location, balanced with the extent of the problem there.

I believe CCTV is a useful tool; however, I'm not convinced personally (my opinion) that it does enough to disuade prospective offenders (if it did, then we would not be circulating as many images as we currently do). It may displace some offenders, but sadly/rightly, we cannot have cctv on every street corner. Images- particularly at night are not always suitable for circulation. Unless there is a clear facial image of the suspect, it is unlikely that he/she will be identified. Even if they are identified from a poor image, it is unlikely to hold up in court.

If you would like to contact me directly at I would be happy to discuss crime prevention advice with you, and make your road one of the first on the borough to receive SMART WATER: a property marking kit, which may not sound exciting, but is brand new technology which enables you to invisibly mark your belongings with a code, which is then registered online). The kit comes with a sticker to place in your front window to disuade criminals from breaking into your property.

Kind regards


Thanks for the update and good news about plans to increase patrols in the area. Just walked down Northbrook Rd (at the corner of Whittington) and there's a used syringe in the street. I'm about to email the council to report as hazardous litter but clearly if there's using going on out in the open then it needs to be stamped out sooner rather than later.



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