The A406 at Bounds Green forms part of one of four London sites selected to trial a new speed camera. The so called "all seeing" cameras are a new generation of technologically advanced monitoring devices that record a motorists average speed over a distance - preventing attempts to outwit older cameras by speeding motorists slowing down at the point where they pass a camera.

TfL have chosen the locations to make “demonstrable casualty reductions" and they are not just replacing  spot speed cameras.

Transport for London believes that the new cameras will prevent around 17 “killed or seriously injured” accidents a year across the four London sites.

Read the full story at the Evening Standard website.


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Does anyone have stats on how many accidents there are on this stretch of this road? The crossing at the junction of Brownlow road seems much safer for pedestrians now than it was before the new lights were put in, although it didn't stop the driver who turned onto the A406 seemingly oblivious to the extra set of lights at the pedestrian crossing I had just walked onto (with 2 year old in a buggy) while the green man was showing recently.


It's a good question - presumably to set a target of reduced death and injury, a baseline figure must be recorded. A while back we linked to a Guardian data map on road traffic casualties - although comprehensive this historical data does not provide figures for the A406 since roadworks were completed.

I agree about the improved crossing at Brownlow Road - particularly as it's a route to school for kids at both Bowes and Broomfield Schools... but no amount of rebuilding can design out idiocy by careless drivers.

The latest transport statistics - on accidents, traffic density etc - are available from the Mayor of Londons Office / TfL website, but I don't believe it's possible to identify individual roads, just aggregate data by borough.

Thanks for looking into it.

Westway speed trap nets £100,000 a month on 11-mile stretch of road


New average-speed cameras are raking in almost £100,000 per month from drivers on one of the capital’s busiest roads.

The “cheat-proof” traps were placed at 32 sites on an 11-mile stretch of the A40 in west London.

They are catching almost 1,000 motorists a month, the Standard can reveal, and there are plans to widen the scheme — despite angry claims that the cameras are simply a Treasury “cash cow” and that the  public was not adequately informed in advance.

The devices were activated at the end of October between the Polish War Memorial and the Westway flyover. Previously “fixed-spot” cameras were in use at seven sites.

By measuring average rates of travel, the new system prevents speeders evading detection by braking as they approach a camera.

[text omitted for clarity]

Average-speed cameras will go live on the North Circular between Hanger Lane and Bounds Green Road [....] in “early summer”,.....of 2016

I think this is a good idea. I often drive from Hangar Lane to Bounds green and that section of the A406 is awful for people speeding, undertaking and driving aggressively.

LOL at Evening Standard's 'All Seeing'; as if average-speed cameras were something completely new and unheard of.  Standard sensationalism from them though...

I think this is a good idea - I drive the 406 quite a lot and i'm generally astonished at how many aggressive idiots there are on this road.  I recon part of the problem is that it's one of the only roads where you can actually achieve 50mph, and therefore people feel that it's ok to achieve 70+.

That said, it seems to me that the problem is if anything worse to the east of Bounds green, as there aren't any traffic lights up that way, just an uninterrupted run to the M11...

There was also plenty of notice about speed cameras being activated on the A40.  Several weeks of matrix signs announcing the switch-on date!

Its interesting to read Stuarts experience on the A406 crossing - somebody exiting Brownlow road ignores the pedestrian red light and drives through, i have had this at least three times over a year period and on one occasion the motorist deliberately drove his car at me sounding his horn, several people witnessed this.

Now Richard you said "I agree about the improved crossing at Brownlow Road - particularly as it's a route to school for kids at both Bowes and Broomfield Schools... but no amount of rebuilding can design out idiocy by careless drivers"

OK i also agree to a point but why not put a camera on that junction so that when "idiocy by careless drivers" occur at least they get caught - incidentally having a car driven at you is not "careless driving" its a deliberate act!

Also whats the ratio to "Killed or seriously injured" i bet those road stats maps like the Guardian one posted on a different thread would look very different had they produced two maps - one for killed and another for seriously injured, i know its not very nice being seriously injured but its not the same as being killed.


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