Is anyone interested in forming a cat club in Bowes Park and Bounds Green? It would be a group of cat owners / lovers who are interested in making contact with other owners. My friend and I are interested in trying to establish a cat sitting circle and trying to get organisations such as Cat's Protection, PDSA, RSPCA in to give talks about cat care, trying to organise cheap vaccinations and anything else which can reduce the vet's bill! Please let me know if you are interested.

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Hello, I would love to get involved with something like this! I live in Bounds Green rather than Bowes Park &  am a cat lover rather than owner, but one of my housemates has a mog & the area near my house has upwards of 10 cats within just a few streets!

You probably know this already, but Cats Protection have a branch (mainly a rehoming centre) near Archway in Islington, and branches in Chase Farm & Hendon, but I'm not sure if they have a branch in Haringey?

Hi Richard,

I'm aware of the Cats Protection in archway. I'm trying to work out the best way to get a contact list together, so I'll be in touch in the next few days. Thanks for your reply.

Hi there, this sounds a lovely idea

Am actually trying to find a cat sitter just now and having a hard time finding anything!

If anyone should know of someone that can give a cat tablets I'd be grateful

Also interested in the group :)

All the best


Hi Rachel,

I'll add you to my list.

I have to give one of my cats who is ill tablets every day. I've found the best way is to buy the cat chew sticks (Lidl do 10 for £1), chop a stick up to about 1-2cm long sections, put a horizontal slit in the chopped section top end and push the pill in, then squeeze the stick together. My cat will gulp them down no problem. Otherwise you're dealing with the cat in a towel technique which is more stressful. You can also try wrapping the pill in your cat's favourite food but my cat is so smart that he was eating round the pill and leaving it.

I can also give you details of my friend who does cat sitting if that helps.....?

Hi there, thanks for that :)

Am actually able to give me cat a pill no problem, but am going to be away for 4 days from August 8th. My father is cat sitting but has never given a cat a pill before, or even had a cat so am looking for someone who can medicate her once a day

So yes, details of your cat sitting friend would be great!

All the best


Hi my daughter does cat sitting but is away the dates you are looking for.  If you need a cat sitter any other time let us know.


thanks Elizabeth that's great :))

I'm sure that Wood Green Animals Shelter in Lordship Lane would provide a speaker and also give a tour of the site.  It is primarily a re-homing centre for cats so they have loads of experience, the only problem with visiting is that it is difficult not to be carried away when faced with all the cats needing homes!  I speak from long experience, my current three (disabled) cats came from there and in the past I have re-homed a number of older cats - they always struggle to find homes.  I am happy to be involved in whatever is organised.



I am also interested in the group, having 2 lovely cats at our house. Please let me know the details.



Hi all

I'm in Bounds Green too and would be interested in putting my name down for the club. Mutual cat-sitting in the area is a fantastic idea (especially as I'm off on holiday in September for a couple of weeks!) I'd be happy to cat-sit in return. 


Hi would be interested. 60 years of loving cats and happy to provide cat sitting and advice on cats.


I'm in need of a cat sitter as well. I've left it a bit late to be asking but everything has been manic lately.



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