Hi all,

This is my first post here - nice to meet you all. I've been in the area for about 9 months now, and it's really nice that this sort of thing (B&B) is here to bring everyone together!

Just had a thought that I'd share, I guess it might have come up before. Has it ever been suggested that there could be a mural on the walkway across Bowes Park station? I'm thinking like the one on Bridge Approach in Primrose Hill, and I think there's something similar (but lower-key) somewhere near West Hampstead...

Absolutely no idea how to go about it if it was considered a good idea. Perhaps involve artists, and/or local children? Then there's the issue of potential vandalism, but I'm not sure that should stop people doing this sort of thing.

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear thoughts on all of this.


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Hi David,

I attended part of that (interesting) meeting last week and intended to speak to you actually, but I had to go about halfway through. I'd definitely be very interested to hear your ideas (mine are sketchy) and your experiences doing this sort of thing (mine are non-existent). I suppose I have particular views the purpose of a local mural, the sort of result I'd like and the impact it could have, but of course as it would be a community project I totally accept mine would be just one voice in the discussion...

Might there be any more meetings about the Tin Tabernacle like the last one? If so, perhaps we'll meet at that.



I was thinking exactly the same thing! I was brought up around the Primrose Hill mural and it's was a brilliant local focal point.

Adam, your work looks great and so valuable to local communities.  It's exciting to read these ideas and learn that there may be ways of making this work.

I think involving local children in the design and creation of the mural is a good idea (along with an artist) and also, possibly,  a way of deterring graffiti somewhat.  Perhaps graffiti over children's creations is less likely!?!

Loving the ideas.

I am a bit sceptical about this unless it was of a VERY high quality. Perhaps images of local views and landmarks would be good.

This has stalled with Network Rail... after 3 months I still haven't received a response from the 'structures' team so I've lodged a formal complaint... we'll see what happens.

There is no doubt that a mural would have to be of high quality... that doesn't mean that everyone will love it but I can't tell you how wonderful it was when the Primrose Hill train bridge mural was done - it made an event of coming into and out of Primrose Hill!

London Zoo and the Roundhouse were used as landmarks / inspiration... so makes sense! Maybe the New River or the Ally Pally radio mast?!?

Great suggestion but I definitely think some kind of quality street art would be best and fit in with character of the area. The kind of designs popping up over London like those by Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Boe and Irony and ROA would add so much to that dull bridge!



There is a terrific Irony and Boe piece in Wood Green (see picture here)

And a Turnpike Lane community scheme comissioned Shepherd Fairey last year (follow this link) ...

A powerful iconic piece could really mark the station bridge as a gateway to Myddleton Road.

"but I definitely think some kind of quality street art would be best and fit in with character of the area."

...and I don't.

Aside from the sheer rudeness of undermining Diana's offer of involvement, the last thing needed is an "urban graffiti" type eyesore such as many of those on the two linked sites. 

Dave I think you are being a little inflammatory there! please note I didn't "reply" to Diana's post, I replied to the general discussion.
My post wasn't meant in anyway as a reply to or criticism of Diana's - I'd just read William's post and page 1 of comments and was responding in agreement with the others who had mentioned street art there.

Sorry Diana if you took my post as a comment on your work, it wasn't meant to be!

Hi all,

Thanks for the renewed interest in this today! I have been meaning to pick it up again and post another message here, in fact specifically to suggest exactly what you have Diana (liking your work by the way!), that a meeting could be held for all interested to attend and discuss how to move this on. Perhaps in the next couple of weeks?


Hi Will

The mural idea was mentioned at the 'Street Worth Fighting For' meeting at The Step last Wednesday... it is obviously its own separate project but it might be something that could be discussed at the next meeting and then anyone who is interested could then meet separately to progress it.

We'll publicise the next meeting soon.

Sounds like a plan, thanks Nell.


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