Thought I'd start a new strand on this one.

The FCC rep I met at last weeks Transport Forum has responded! Excitement over - he's checked with his colleagues & nobody knows anything about it.


Could someone describe what is wrong,  where the problem is,  & how it's affected people.

Any suggestions as to a solution would be good.

There's no guarantee FCC will sort it out - but they are listening,  so it's worth a try.

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This is a continuation of a forum strand started by Chris Read the background here

I did read it - that's what gave me the idea to raise it when the FCC rep started to wax lyrical about their recent station improvements.  As letters about a handrail had been sent I wondered if FCC had incorporated something in this project. I enquired - he knew nothing about the handrail,  or any complaints.

I need to know a bit more detail if I'm going to send a decent reply to his e.mail.

Hiya, this is briallinet news. this station is on top of a steep hill, walking up, over and down it, especially during icy or snowy weather is treturous especially for the elderely. I even have problems walking up and down it and make sure I'm in flat shoes. A handrail from the start of the steep station entrance to the end is required, along with a cigarette put out out bin, as so many cig butt ends litter the entrance to this station.

Handrail for bowes park essential.

Hi Salli,

Thanks very much for talking to the FCC representative - apologies for my delayed response. I was emailed on the 15th April 2013 by Manish Molasi, Customer Relations Advisor, at FCC, who emailed me to say the suggestion had been forwarded to the station manager.

As Suellen notes the slope is considerable enough that under icy conditions it can be quite dangerous, if you were around the area when it was snowy earlier this year. This particularly affects more elderly individuals or others who are less mobile.

Thanks for discussing it at the Transport Forum and if I can provide any more assistance do let me know.

Best wishes


Hi all,

I've now heard back from First Capital Connect who have sent a more useful response to Lynne Featherstone MP which I've included below:

Thank you for getting in touch regarding a constituent enquiry about improving pedestrian conditions on the stairs at Bowes Park.

I can see that your constituent has asked if there are any plans to install a handrail at this location - after checking with our projects and property teams I can confirm that currently there are no immediate plans but this work has been added to potential future improvement plans.

Unfortunately many station staircases are not wide enough to install a middle handrail but we do carry out regular safety inspections at all of our stations to ensure facilities are as safe as they can be. In fact we have just launched a safety campaign based on customer behaviours to emphasise the message that we all play a part in promoting safety on the railway.

I can also confirm to your constituent that in the more inclement months litter and foliage is regularly removed to reduce potential slip and trip hazards and gritting is carried out when temperatures dictate to ensure all public areas are as clear as we can make them.

I do hope that your constituent continues to travel safely with us but should she find that her mobility decreases we do have an assisted travel help line where we can arrange to transport customers with mobility issues between inaccessible stations. I can provide more information should your constituent require this.

Thank you and I do hope this information is useful.

The response is from Julie Allan, FCC's Customer Relations Manager.

It's positive to see a handrail added to potential future improvement plans, and also FCC recognising the importance of regularly gritting etc. to keep the area as slip-free as possible.


Great to get a response, Chris, but have they missed the point that it's the pedestrian bridge that needs a handrail, rather than (or as well as) a central rail for the staircase? 

Lindsey I agree, a middle hand rail must refer to the steps from platform level to the bridge. This is not needed - there is already a hand rail either side of the narrow staircase. However a passenger lift alongside the stairs might provide a useful addition to accessibility - but as I understand it the question was about the bridge outside the station between Ireland Place - and the unnamed alleyway (or informally named alley!) by Shaftesbury Hall.

Chris perhaps you could request clarification?


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