Hi everyone, 

We're starting a camera club at The Step on the last Thursday of every month, starting from Thursday 27th September. It will run from 7.30pm.

It will be free, informal and lots of fun, and it's for absolutely everyone!

The Step are kindly letting us use their bar area for free, so please take advantage of their delicious food and drinks menu while we are there :)

There will be a little bit of theory at each session, followed by lots of doing. It's great if you have a camera with manual settings - we will be ejecting anyone caught using the auto button after week 3! - but not essential as I will be bringing along a few SLR's for people to have a play with (very carefully!)

We want to gauge interest and also to go through ideas about what people would like to learn, so please get involved in this forum and let me know your ideas, and we will arrange a time to meet up in the next few weeks to get some ideas in place before we start on 27th September.

I have just set up a facebook page, so please "like it" - http://www.facebook.com/clickcameraclub and we can carry on discussions on there as we get going.

If you would like to have a chat with me, my number is 07947 467 291.



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Hi Paul, it would be great if you could pop along with some ideas when we meet in the next few weeks. If you "like" the facebook page, you will be able to keep in touch with anything that's happening. Cheers, Neal


Hi Neal,

A great excuse to wipe off the dust from my camera. See you all on the 27th September.


Count me in!

Hi, I'd really love to come to this - am an amateur snapper but have a compact camera - would like to upgrade to an SLR if I was sure how to use the camera I have! I can't make the 27th but I'd really like to come to a future event! Will like on the Facebook!

Hi Anna, sham,e about the 27th, but yes, pls like on facebook and keep an eye out for posts - we'll be having a meeting in the next couple of weeks to go through some ideas before we start, so please pop along to that :) And once we start the club, you will be able to have a proper play around with my SLR's to get an idea of how easy they are to use, and how much better the photos can look instantly!

It's a great initiative. I'll be in Turkey on 27 September but would like to come to the next meeting please. I have a non-digital SLR.



Great Anna, we'll also be having a meeting the next couple of weeks to discuss a few ideas about what everybody would like from the club, so be sure to come along to that. Please also like the facebook page as I will be starting to post on there once we get going. Cheers, Neal

And of course now I find I'm not here on the 27th.... never mind. But Neal, can you keep posting here - I'm afraid I will never be on Facebook and whilst I can read what you have without logging on I don't want to miss out!

I also don't much like Facebook.

Not to worry! I will be keeping everyone in the loop on here with frequent posts and also a place to upload photos etc :) We've got it all covered!!  


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