I have lived in bounds green for a few years and have always thought that alot of the shops, retail outlets do not reflect what people who live here need or want.
I know so many people who go to muswell hill or crouch end, but who would love to have something locally. Bounds green has no decent cafe, or coffee shops.
I appreciate that a lot of people use the grocers around the station etc, but do we need the bookies and all the fast food outlets?
Bounds green has an amazing community atmosphere, it is a great residential area to live in, but we really need some more decent amenities.
I know The Step in myddleton road is great and the residents association in that area are working so hard to reclaim that street and bring it back to its former glory, they should be very proud of themselves.

Could this enthusiasm continue further up the road to address the retails outlets surrounding the station? Could we ever have a retail area that looked something like cannon hill, which also has a limited amount of retail space but uses it so well?

Is there anyone who would open a decent cafe/coffee shop?

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I agree too. We were once close to this, but way back in the 1980's when we had a florist, proper green grocer, bakery, hardware store, 2 hairdressers, an Italian deli, etc. slowly but surely, without any public consultation these shops closed and leases given to businesses which we don't want or really need.

I would love to be part of a pressure group that would start to work on changing the current crop of shops. Surely one of the first things that could be focused on is the close proximity of the fast food outlets to a school. The council is a port of call for this one as they agree the licences for the use of the shops. Also we would need to find out who the actual land lords are, as they would need to become a focus point as well.

Anyone up for the challenge?



A group of people have already got together to think about local retail space and what we might be able to do about it together - The initial focus was Myddleton Road shops - but it could be expanded to other local retail areas - follow this link to find out more and do use the sign-up form to be kept in touch with developments.

I sympathise with the point that you and others are making, Carole.  But as a generalisation I would say that local businesses reflect local demand.  For instance, The Step originally opened weekdays from 10am.  Due to lack of demand, it had to reduce its daytime opening times, much to my disappointment as a regular there.  This is a venue that gets excellent and well deserved feedback on this site.  If Matt and Nell could not make a go of Tuesday-Thursday weekdays, others will struggle.  I hope that someone has a go near Bounds Green tube and is successful.  But success will depend on local people supporting it.


I entirely agree - if we want to see independent traders selling quality produce locally we need to be supporting them - even if it means paying a premium.

Campaigns like this weekend's Shop Local Saturday are great at raising awareness and getting people to think about behaviour change ... but this needs to be a year round activity if we are to support a vibrant independent retailers locally.

I genuinely do agree with supporting local traders. But my point is from a personal view, there is not one shop around bounds green tube that sells anything I need or want, apart from the pharmacy and dry cleaners. This is a purely personal opinion, so where do we shop locally?
The demographic has changed massively in recent years around this area. I hate to say this, but the tesco metro is constantly busy, the m&s food section at the petrol station on the north circular has just revamped and placed a big emphasis on the coffee corner.
The shops up by the maid of muswell seem to be doing well, the sunshine garden centre is always busy, so why is bounds green and myddleton road facing so many issues?

One major difference with the places I have mentioned above is that the shops take pride in how they look, they all make an effort for things like Christmas and decorate, they want to entice customers and make them come back. That is why these little parades like cannon hill etc are successful. Businesses want to go there, they take a chance, they know there is a customer base and passing trade. People travel to go to these places.

I know that the myddleton road group work extremely hard and face one challenge after another. Fair play to them, and for the owners of the step taking the plunge, it is a very welcomed addition in this area, and their business can only encourage others.

I just think that we are extremely lucky to have the tube, and we should be trying to do more to regenerate around this area, find out what people want to see available, so Carole I am up for the challenge, but agree with Richard that we should join forces with myddleton road group and all work together.
Great idea Tom,

It would be so interesting to see what people want, we should try to organise a wish list.

My initial response was to try to be positive about the shops round the tube but on reflection yes I do remember the shops that used to be there - the wonderful hardware shop - Slades which would get anything that you wanted - the Italian deli etc - so what on earth has happened?  As Nuala says just down up the road  there is now a wonderful range of shops - why?  Why has this happened there and not in our community?  I would love to understand more about the shopping centres in Bounds Green round the tube - there seems to be the same issue as Myddleton Road - I think the shopping area around the tube is also worth fighting for - what impression does it give to people stepping out into Bounds Green?  

I second Tom's wish-list of shops and restaurants it would be nice to have around Bounds Green tube and have to say that I, too, am quite ashamed of how our area looks when I come home on the tube from other places and can't help but compare them. It strikes you as so downmarket as you come down from Muswell Hill. I, too, remember and loved the hardware shop, delicatessen and florists.


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