Charming new rubbish skips at entrance to Belsize Avenue (and others)


Does anyone else's heart sink when they enter their road nowadays? Enfield Council in its wisdom has recently positioned four dumpster skips at the entrance to Belsize Avenue (and others including Spencer and Kelvin). They are permanently full and are used as a disgusting dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish and old furniture. If they are supposed to serve the upstairs flats along Green Lanes, there is NO WAY a few small flats can generate that much rubbish. Green Lanes businesses must be using them as free waste disposal.

I have tweeted and emailed the council, councillors, the mayor and Enfield's MP and am fobbed off with 'thank you for bringing it to our attention', 'we will alert the waste team' and other platitudes.

Yes, some rubbish used to be left by the tree at the beginning of the road. But it was NOWHERE NEAR as much as there is there now, spilling out of the skips, stinking and basically making us feel like we are living in a rubbish dump.

Petition, anyone?

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The Fix my Street site is great for reporting street issues without needing a council web site. There's also a smartphone app, which is even better for reporting things as you find them.

Thanks Julian and Michelle. I agree - the (new) Enfield website is very user-unfriendly. I can't even log on - the password reset emails never arrive. I've been using Twitter DMs to contact the council - at least they reply to those.

I will try the Fix my Street app too.

I agree the Fix My Street site is very good - it takes enquiries about roads, rubbish, parking and leaking water pipes etc and directs the message to the most appropriate agency, without the respondent needing to know which address to send it to - nor even which local authority the problem is located in. It has the advantage of displaying the problem publicly ... who knows, a bit of naming and shaming may help speed up a response...
The overflowing bins on Kelvin, Belsize and Tottenhall were all listed on the Fix My Street site over the weekend. (Follow this link to view: )

If you feel you are being ignored then attend your local Area Forum for Bowes Ward on 14th March at Garfield School

Oh, pity - I can't make that... but thanks.

Since had a reply from the council:

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your email regarding  fly tipping in Belsize Avenue.


I am the waste enforcement officer for that area, and the issue is taken into a utmost consideration. The waste bins could not be emptied immediately because of previous fly tipping last week, concerning health and safety issue of one the waste collection crew.


In order to put a stop to the reoccurring problem, I will be there tomorrow with one of my colleague from commercial waste department, we will search the waste bags for evidence, which will lead to either fixed penalty notice or prosecution, after this the waste collection crew will be able to empty the waste bins


Thank you for your concern.  




Akin Oke

Waste Enforcement Officer

London Borough of Enfield.

Thanks for sharing this. We have had problems for years with the bins at the bottom
of Brownlow Road. This response encourages me to take this up with LBE again.
Thanks for the list of ward meetings...does anyone know the time of the Bowes Forum next week.

According to Bowes Labour web site there will be a Bowes Ward Forum held on Thursday 20th April beginning at 7.30pm located at Oakthorpe School (Tile Kiln Lane) 


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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