We found a dog - playing in the traffic - anybody lost one? Out checking now to see if they know their way home!

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Well, the dog did not know where it lived - except for the fact that it seems quite clear about where my house is! When the optimistic stray was not making itself at-home at my place, we have been trawling the area, including knocking on doors, but nobody recognises my new lodger.
I rang the RSPCA; they are only interested in injured, or 'at risk' animals, all they could recommend is that I contact the Dog Warden. As the police no longer scan dogs for microchips, let alone take them in, I have decided to take the dog to the Vet in the morning, in the hope that he can scan it, & hopefully track down the owners. If that fails I will have no choice but to ring the Dog Warden.
I already have a dog, & can't take on another - shame really, as this is a very cute, very affectionate dog, who would Be a great companion for someone. Fingers crossed
We took the dog to the vet; she's been scanned, but does not have a microchip. The vet suggests giving out more details, in the hope that we can find her owner.
She is a red, Pomeranian cross with something - possibly Chihuahua - under a year old.
Does anybody know someone who might of lost her?
A happy ending to this little story - the dog is back with her family!
I took her to the vet this morning to be scanned for a microchip, there wasn't one. So things were not looking good for our new friend. I spent the remainder of the morning ringing Dog Wardens, vets, animal shelters etc. Finally, the extremely grumpy Dog Warden from Enfield rang me back with the number of somebody searching for a lost Pomeranian cross, & fortunately it was the right person.

So good that there was a happy ending and very well done to you for being so persistent in finding the owner - it's heart warming!

 huge thanks for your endeavours, you have restored my faith in humanity.


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