No. 101 Myddleton Road - formerly The Step cafe/restaurant - was sold in July to an investment company, which recently submitted an application to Haringey Council to convert the whole building into four flats, including the ground floor unit.

You can read the application on the Council's website here:

We think that if the Council approves the application, it would be disastrous for our lovely local high street.

We would lose another commercial unit on Myddleton Road, and not just any old unit, but one that can be operated as a cafe/restaurant.

It would also set a precedent that some other landlords might choose to follow.

So, we're asking you to submit an objection to the application.

We need to let Haringey Council know that we don't want to see any more commercial units on Myddleton Road turned into flats.

We think there are three specific reasons for Haringey Council to refuse the application:

* It would result in the removal of a prime commercial unit, eroding the primary function, vitality and viability of Myddleton Road as a Local Shopping Centre
* It fails to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the surrounding conservation area.
* The proposed residential units do not meet minimum space requirements

Of course, adding yet more small flats to Myddleton Road will only exacerbate well-known problems with parking and refuse.

Despite the pandemic, Myddleton Road has kept on improving in recent months thanks to the work of new and existing traders, as well as local residents, who are now far more likely to work from home and spend money on the street.

There is lots of demand for units on Myddleton Road, and we think lots of locals would welcome a new cafe/restaurant opening at No. 101 - including you!

So, please do submit an objection on the Council's website using the link above. And spread the word!

Stay well,

Dan, Emma and James
We Love Myddleton Road

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Done! Objection now submitted, thank you for the heads up!

Excellent objection from the We Love Myddleton Rd team - I loved reading it! Thanks for your hard work - I'll add my own objection today. 

Objection made. If this happens, it would be yet another example of the complete lack of support the council has for our community.

Some interesting news on this.

There was an amazing response by the local community to this planning application, with over 300 objections, including lots of really persuasive comments. This is probably a recent record response in Haringey, being many many more responses than even the relatively recent new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium planning application. 

The applicant has now decided to withdraw the planning application before it gets decided, and the upper floor flat has been put on the market.

We wait to see what the owners of the building decide to do next, but hopefully they will recognise the strength of local feeling and choose to market the ground floor for rent to interested business people rather than submitting a modified planning application for change of use again.


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