Forgive the poor, wonky iPhone shot of one of them (don't want to spoil the surprise if you haven't walked past yet) but the new artworks on Bowes Park Station footbridge are marvellous - who's responsible and how long are they staying? 

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These pieces are really great aren't they?

They were produced by pupils at Bounds Green School in a project led by  Andrés Mercader of On The Level Productions The artworks were commissioned by First Capital Connect as a series of workshops at 12 different stations across the network, one of them is Bowes Park.

The school workshops engage the young people in creating a series of ideas and sketches based on local heritage. The artists then used these ideas to create the boards that are displayed at the station.

Brilliant, I love them. I hope they will put up some kind of artist credit or explanation at some point so those involved get recognition. 

You've pictured the nicest. I could do without ?Hugh Myddleton? looming at me as I walk up the station stairs!

I agree - Sir Hugh freaks me out!

I like these a lot.

When there were discussions several months back about doing some sort of artwork or mural on the bridge, I had some reservations, as I imagined the likely outcome would be some sort of gaudy "tagging" style work, out of keeping with the character of the area - and I also thought that trying to brighten up the rather grim bridge was quite a challenge. 

In my opinion, these are very successful indeed, and I congratulate all involved.

These look really lovely however the sooner someone can put some perspex over them the better. 
I really fear that they won't last too long before the vandals get to them.

There is a story in the local press this week about this artwork.

Have a look at the North London Newspapers website ... better still make time to go and see the paintings when you visit Myddleton Road Market on Sunday.

Wow, am I the only person that is not too impressed with them?  
I really don't devalue the effort involved in cooordinating and creating them (and they were produced at my son's school), but considering they were apparently produced by professionals based on the children's ideas, the pictures seem low quality, and the themes a bit random. 
Some are labelled in a plain, legible font (the market), and some are not (the font on the community gardens is completely different and hardly readable).  The one that is supposed to represent the community garden has a picture of the sculpture which is actually in Finsbury Sq garden, the one of Sir Hugh (?) isnt labelled and just doesnt fit with the others ... and to cap it all, they were plonked on top of old, peeling paintwork.  

Nice idea, poorly executed.

I like the random nature of them - very Bowes Park in my mind! 

If you think they're low-quality, Shona, have you seen the stuff in contemporary art sales recently?  

They're not at the level of Van Dyck or Constable, but if they were, they'd probably be getting removed in the middle of the night like local Banksy's.

If they do get vandalised (and I'm betting that they will at some point, unfortunately) keeping them simple makes for easier repairs.

Hi all,

this is Andres from OnTheLevel Productions, the organisation responsible for the artwork. I just wanted to thank the website for adding this post, and to Network Rail, First Capital Connect and specially the marvellous staff and students at the Bounds Green School and Children's Centre for their enthusiasm.

I understand it's hard to please everyone's tastes, this project's main ambition was to wotk with the young people to raise their awareness about their local community, exploring key characters, landscapes and features unique to the area. And I think we achieved that, adding a bit of colour to the station area at the same time.

So all in all constructive criticism is welcome, we're just glad we had the opportunity to be part of this project, which by the way you can explore a bit further at its website:



Hi. sad to notice whilst going to work this morning, someone appears to have 'tagged' the painting of Sir Hugh.

This in one of those potential broken glass scenarios where if it not fixed quickly, it'll only encourage those responible to do the same to the others...

Really sad to see.


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