Does anyone know why locks are put on the gates to access Finsbury Gardens Park and walking along the canal from Myddleton Road?


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Hi Suellen. There shouldn't be any locks to walk along the New River Path.... Myddleton Road Community Gym, Myddleton Road Community Gardens and Finsbury Gardens are all closed at night and opened at dawn because otherwise it can be problematic (in no particular order: large rowdy groups, owners can't see where their dogs go to the toilet because it is dark so can't pick it up, people don't use the bins because it is dark, and some other unfortunate messes and problems). Closing it at night keeps it safe and family-friendly for people to use during the day without a huge amount of upkeep. It is all done by local volunteers (a particularly huge thanks to the gents at the Red Sea Supermarket) and litter picking and clean up is still done daily by local residents (one in particular called Caroline). I hope this helps to explain why.


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