Hello, we found a lovebird in distress stuck in the new river. We scooped it out but after a few hours it was still in the same position still on the floor so we took it home so the dogs / cats / foxes couldn't get at it. After a few hours and some apple it now seems its old self. But it's not ours and needs it's home and loving family. Is it yours?

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I hope so too!!

It's definitely a lovebird and not one of the wild green parakeets??

At first I wondered if it could be a baby wild parakeet but it doesn't look like one (I used Google Lens to identify it as a rosey faced lovebird) it's tail it Purple / Blue and its body is yellow with a ting of green. Peach coloured face. It's also very tame (flying over to sit in my hip and my arms etc.)

Good idea - I will try both of those in the AM. Yes I have been feeding it apples and seeds - and It's been tucking in happily and I have ordered specialised food to arrive tomorrow. Thank you! 

Yes it's definitely a lovebird. Thanks for this! It is certainly a pet - it came and sat on my shoulder while I was doing the washing up! It must have a loving family looking for it :(

I am feeding it fine but I don't have a cage or anywhere to keep it - it'll be fine roaming free in the kitchen for now but if anyone has a temporary cage for it until it's owners are found that would be hugely appreciated.

(also apologies for all the typos above - I must have been distracted)

Thank you for all of your help Diana and VGB

I hope it can be reunited with its family, but if not it sounds like its taken a shine to you : )

Thank you for all these tips, that's fantastic. No luck yet. I've put posts on Facebook too. I'll print some flyers today and call the RSPB, thank you again!


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