I've started a new movement to support the campaign for the UK to remain part of the EU. It's called 'Haringey in Europe', and we've already got hundreds of local people interested!

I'm working on this alongside the main StrongerIn campaign, and with a growing group of volunteers helping out. This is a cross party campaign open to everyone, regardless of who they usually support politically. 

Our aims: making sure Haringey has the highest referendum turnout percentage in the country, and the highest percentage of votes to remain.

Ambitious, I know - but I think we can do it.  After all, it’s a chance for Haringey to do what it does best – unite, support co-operation and progress, and challenge the politics of division and fear!

If you also want to see the UK remaining in Europe, and find out more about the Haringey In Europe campaign, take a look at the social media accounts and sign up forms.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaringeyEurope

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Haringey-In-Europe-162389370805027/

Sign up: www.tinyurl.com/HaringeyInEurope

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This group is misguided in wanting the UK to stay in the EU.

Opinion polls show most people support an exit from the EU. The depressed economies and politicians of the EU are a drag on our progress. We should leave and be like China which is able to export massive amounts of trade to the EU without being a member.

Haringey has nearly 10,000 people on the housing waiting list with nearly 2,000 in dire straights in B&B. Mass immigration to the UK and Haringey means they have little chance of getting a decent home as many immigrants move into cheap rented accommodation and take the low paid jobs our long term residents need. 

Visit any doctors surgery/school etc in Haringey and tell me we need more immigration.

Well SAID!! Who the hell wants to stay in the EU, everyone I know wants OUT, I fully Support the Exit 

from the EU, and let England Become Great once again,  they are a drain on our economy.  OUT OUT OUT!

This message is for Neil And Amanda , I don't want Jenni to think I was saying "Well Said" to her.  

Neil and Sheila,

I disagree. I believe Britain is a better place for immigration. I also believe the benefits of being in the EU extend way beyond freedom of movement. You can read more about the economic benefits, and the freedoms and rights we gain from membership on the social media accounts I link to, or this article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-what-has-european-... 

Of course, you may still disagree with me. In which case, that's fine, and I'd simply encourage you not to sign up to my group,

Amanda - I can't quite work out which side you're on. Given how many NHS nurses are not from the UK and would be classed as 'immigrants' - perhaps you mean you'd like more immigration, to increase our number of nurses, in order to cope with the demands of our own (very english) population growth?


You are mistaken in your opinion that the UK is better off for immigration and for being in the failing EU. You provide no evidence to back you opinion and you ignore my point about ten thousand struggling people being on the Haringey housing waiting list with nearly two thousand in emergency B & B. Please tell us how immigration into Haringey is going to help these poor people and make it easier for them to get appointments in the NHS?

There are 1.8 million young people out of work in the UK. Many of them would like jobs in the NHS. There are also one million illegal immigrants in the UK and they are straining our resources.  We will gain from having better border controls after Brexit.  

You link to an article in the low circulation, intellectual, left wing Independent newspaper to support your view. Please broaden your reading and follow the evidence in the popular newspapers which speak up for working people. 

Britain has the fastest growing economy in Europe thanks to non EU policies. To support this we need some immigration but the interests of local people should always come first. 

Your campaign group will be better off if it accepts there are problems and gives evidence to prove to local people it is worth staying in. Good luck. 

I strongly support the Leave campaign. Three facts are especially relevant:

- the UK's net contribution is now £10bn a year - we pay in around £19bn and get back around £9bn.  Is this price really worth it? Can't British people decide for themselves the laws that govern us, or is this a heretical democratic ideal in the 21st century?

- if we depend on the EU for jobs, they depend on us even more: "the UK has consistently recorded a current account deficit with Europe, rising to a record £102.3 billion in 2013" In contrast, we have large surpluses with the Americas, for example.  The UK is not benefiting from EU trade anything like as much as Germany, France etc, so there is no reason to think we could not get a free trade agreement with the EU very easily (numbers are from the Government's official figures and I strongly recommend people look at these numbers -  see http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/bop/united-kingdom-balance-of-payment...)

- anyone worried about not being able to have a holiday in Spain, France, Greece etc can stop worrying.  Many countries have arrangements whereby people can visit for a holiday of up to 3 months without having a visa. The US, Australia, NZ, Canada and Japan are some of them.  Just because we are outside the EU, there is no reason to think the UK would not put in place similar reciprocal arrangements.  See Annex 2 of this EU Official Journal document - http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32001R...

I could go on...

Excellent reply Michael,  100% behind you,  I could also fill up many pages on why we Must Leave the EU.

I read a discarded copy of that popular newspaper the Daily Mail whilst waiting (not very long it has to be said) in the doctors surgery.

And seeing their politics of fear and hate, I'm definitely all for staying in....as most young people I speak to seem to favour.

I'm sure they'll change their mind when they want to buy a property and realise their wages have stagnated and they can't afford it.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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