Walked past on Sunday and it looked very sad. Shut, curtains closed, furniture all piled up. Does anyone know what's going on with it please?

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News via Twitter that the lease is up for rent:

It could be yours for a cool £32K per anum.

Interesting - I wonder what this will mean - pleeeeeease can somone open a dog-friendly, welcoming, traditional community pub.  It would be wonderful to have more places to go in the area as there are loads of people living here who probably travel further affield to go out, or have busy lives so would only manage a few in a local pub.  Any takers? 

If I won the lottery I would do this in a flash. The Prince has so much potential. 

Edit: except the "sixteen rooms let on the upper floors" is rather worrying.  

When you win the lottery Lindsey you can convert the 16 rooms in to a delightful luxury apartment and then I can rent it for a low low price! :)

Ha, there's a idea. Except, where would all the tenants of the 16 rooms go? 

The Springfield Park Tavern is all those things Emmeline, the  only 'real' pub left in Bounds Green, hope its down to earth charm survives its much needed  makeover. Ranelagh mark 2 certainly not required!



The Ranelagh is a much appreciated part of this community! So what if it is part of a chain? It serves good food, is friendly and comfortable, caters for all ages and is open during the day, has a nice garden, hosts quiz & music nights, etc ... whats the problem?  Thank god we have somewhere that is not dark, draughty, smelly and full of unfriendly regulars, ... like "real" pubs.

We (The Bowes Park Community Choir) went  there every Thursday after singing.  About three weeks ago the owner told us it was being refurbished and would open up again shortly.  They had been running out of dosh for some months.  Short of glasses, no beer, no wine.  Obviously some sort of financial crisis has overtaken them.  All seemed to go wrong after they lost the wonderful Thai cook who used to be in the kitchen.

Lovely building, desperately needs some love and attention and most of all some customers.

It's great to dream in winning the lottery in order to get The Prince going...maybe we should kiss a frog??????
How about if enough of us got together and got it going?.......I am sure we have enough talent in many areas in order to get it going.....................there is a thing called  Village SOS:-http://www.villagesos.org.uk/about

I think it worth a shot....or two



Any update on the fate of The Prince ?  It is no longer on the Propertylink website so am guessing someone has secured the lease.  Or maybe its just been withdrawn.

You mean at Ally Pally?


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