Palmers Green is close to the forefront of the Mayors intent of a more people centric, less car dominated street scene. Not without a little controversy, the Green Lanes cycle lanes to / from Enfield Town are now within sight of completion.  The magic of camera allows a before / after view of PG town centre. Some vehemently forecast the end of the world.

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With work on Palmers Green Triangle all but finished it's easy to forget the before.

Why are these after photos "healthy" Karl?

Not one bicycle.

I don't see you at Fox Lane residents meetings anymore.

Or David Hughes.

Andy Barker also hung up his microphone.

The Draft London Plan is now out for consultation. It’s a hugely important document for us all, as I tried to cover in a Palmers Green Community posting (Draft London Plan published,  dated 15 January 2018), encouraging all consider to reading and possibly responding. The Bowes / Bounds location is as important as most, sitting as it does smack in the core corridors of one of nine Opportunity Areas identified within London.

“Healthy Streets” carry weight within the plan, and even have their own separate report released prior to the main plan. Both are easily available on the web.

Looking at Healthy Streets and particularly the question raised in a posting, you will find for instance (para 1.3.4) “The Healthy Streets Approach outlined in this plan puts improving health and reducing health inequalities at the heart of planning London’s public space. It will tackle London’s inactivity crisis, improve air quality and reduce the other health impacts of living in a car-dominated city by planning street networks that work well for people on foot and on bikes and providing public transport networks that are attractive alternatives to car use. It will also ensure that streets become more social spaces.”

Now try contemplating the pictures against that background.

I’m sorry but in the 15 years or so I’ve attended Fox Lane residents meetings I haven’t come across you there. Perhaps introduce yourself at some opportunity. I’ll check with the other two individuals your later post mentions.

I knew you would do this - quote a study as proof not even your opinion.

"Because (para 1.3.4) says so"

Where are those bicycles?

Have not seen you or David Hughes there since a little after Cycle Enfield got through - pity i did not see that presentation you both did with slides as they "forgot" to put a flyer through my door that month and i forgot to turn up ... funny that?

Andy Barker no longer shows up as he is not the chairman anymore.

Will you be there this week?

By the way give my regards to those two other individuals mentioned also.

Sorry, neither knows you; perhaps surprising seeing your comments and with one having been Chair for well over a decade until relatively recently.  It does read as if there may be an agenda operating and it feels somewhat personal as well creepy and stalky to all three. In that light I’ll keep my diary to myself. Good luck with your bicycle search.

Amazing!  That anyone would imagine that the Green Lanes cycle lanes will be much used in the short term.  Driver 'sense of entitlement' killed off the UK's cycling culture; hopefully the cycle lanes will play their part in bringing it back, but it will take time.

If Hutch Woodward would be good enough to keep his urban speed limit to 30kph it would be great help towards fostering that culture.  Meanwhile the nation is under-exercised to a frightening extent so perhaps he'd like to set an example by taking up cycling himself. 

The FLDRA secretary has been through the member records, plus all meeting attendance sheets, and drew a complete blank for Hutch Woodward over the last five years. On that basis I’ll assume there is some other agenda operating and close this now.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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