Please can you advise me as to why it takes so long to upload my photos into my blog on here?  I wait and wait and the little wheel goes round - sometimes the link shows up and the wheel still goes round and round.   Twenty minutes later - nothing...  It does sometimes work as I have pics on here.   What am I doing wrong?

Thanks - I am sure it's really obvious!  :)


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Hi Kathleen

It may be because the photo files are very large - depending on your camera settings the files may be up to 10MB and will oten be 2MB or 3MB in size.

Threre are two issues: image dimensions and image quality. Many cameras will have default settings to capture print quality images (high resolution 300 dpi - or "dots per inch") and often large images, you could adjust your camera settings if you know the pictures will be used only for online display.

However, if you have existing pictures to upload, photo editing software will allow you to reduce both the image dimensions and quality. Often free editing software is provided with your camera. I would recommened that where possible photographs should be reduced in size to 900 pixels on the longest side and lower resolution (for on-screen viewing a resolution of 72dpi is sufficient).

If you dont have additional photo editing software this video on YouTube suggests a way to reduce file size of an image using standard Windows components.

God Luck!  ... do let me know how you get on - and if I could help futher.


Richard - Thank you so much for your response.  I am always keen to get my head round all this technology so I will have a go!  I'd like to understand more about using my camera, etc.  Tomorrow I will try your suggestions and see how I get on.   Watch this space!  I am keen to upload a photo of a new tenant we have in our garden at Passmore Edwards House - a toad!  (or is it a frog?)

Many Thanks - Kathleen


I think I've cracked it!   Thanks Richard.


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