I'm away this weekend and would like to know if there are any local dog sitters in Bowes Park area who could either live in my house to look after a really cute Maltese/Bichon cross dog or I could drop him off at yours for the weekend?

Please let me know if anyone is available to dog sit, happy to pay for this service.  Just let me know your rates.

Dog Boarding company has let me down with a booking hence urgent request to locate someone else.  If Oddie stays with you, ideally there would be no other pets in the household. He is very easy going, sleeps most of the day and enjoys cuddles and sleeping in your bedroom, not on the bed but in the same room as you, on his blanket. 

Kind regards and many thanks


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Hello Suellen,

I am available to dog sit this weekend  from Friday 14th to Monday 17th. I would be available to stay at your house rather then have Oddie stay at mine  due to my dad's allergies.
I am a local who has lived Bounds Green my entire life, attending the local schools (Bounds Green and APS), as well as, volunteering with local charities (such as, the Children's Air Ambulance Charity shop). I am currently home for the summer from studying at Lancaster University. 
I have experience in caring for dogs as well as other pets. For example, I am currently assisting my boy friend in looking after his family's two dogs, a West Highland Terrier (rescue) and an Irish Terrier with fairly severe anxiety issues (rescued from an abusive home) whilst the family is on holiday. The responsibilities involved include walking them regularly, general care and maintaining their normal routine. I have also cared for friend's pets individually when they have gone abroad.
I thoroughly enjoy looking after animals and love giving them all the attention and care they need. Oddie sounds like a wonderful dog who I'd be very happy to care for.

My rate would £15 per day (with me staying in the house over night) which would come to £60 for the 4 days.

Yours, Flossie.

Hiya Flossie

Are you still offering dog boarding services?

I'm trying to find someone local to look after my little maltese over christmas. Willing to pay upto £30 pm from 24th till 27th Dec.

I've used many carers this year already but fail to get the same person on a regular basis.

Would be great to know someone so local could help watch him when I travel abroad 

Let me know if Chistmas is suitable for me to drop him at yours or you stay at mine. I'm on Marlborough Road. N22

Ps hes only needing two little wee/poo walks per day (10 mins each time) as sleeps the other times lol 

Kind regards


Mobile 07809131963

Hello Florence Lily

I'm delighted to hear back from you, but managed last night to confirm a new sitter for this weekend.

Florence, I would love to know that there is someone local who could home dog sit and would be really keen to pop around to meet you with Oddie Toots so we know all OK for the next holiday break which will prob be sometime in Oct,  yet to be decided.

It would be reassuring to know that Oddie ideally goes to the same pet sitter who knows him and he knows them.  Please let me know when your free for me to pop round.  My mobile is 07809131963. I live on Marlborough Road.

Kind regards and many thanks again.


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