Has anyone else noticed the homeless man living on a bench on the green by the Ranelagh pub? He's been there for ages and I'm just wondering if there is anything we can do as a community to help? Has anyone called any charities or spoken to him? I know it's warm now, but I worry so much that one day the cold will get him. 

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Hi I emailed the St Mungo's rough sleeper referral on http://www.streetlink.org.uk/ back on 28 November and got an acknowledgement.  I didn't know if he was still there as I don't walk past in the mornings at the moment (and when I did he always had the covers pulled over his face so I hadn't tried speaking to him).  I've just left a message for the rough sleeper unit on 0300 500 0914 and asked them to call me back.

I saw him there this morning again (21 December). He sleeps on the bench with a duvet over him but what with the rain he must be getting soaked.  I feel something should be done to help him. I don't know what to do? He can't carry on like this.

Is there any other charity we can contact? Any suggestions?

Hi Tara and Elizabeth

So pleased to hear other people are concerned too and that you contacted St Mungo's Elizabeth. I contacted Streetlink http://www.streetlink.org.uk/ but never heard anything back. Maybe we should contact our local MP. I don't feel it's appropriate for any of us to befriend him due to safety. It's really tricky. Has anyone else got any ideas? 

I agree, I am not going to approach him as not sure who he is. 

I've contacted Streetlink again and they have said they will send out London Street Rescue within two days. They have also said that he can contact the following:

LB Enfield - Housing Options and Advice Team
John Wilkes House
79 High Street
Ponders End
020 8379 1000

Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau
Unit 3, 5 Vincent House
2E Nags Head Road
Ponders End
020 8375 4170 Registration & Appt

Shall I print this out and leave it on his bench this evening do you think? Maybe I could leave him some food too?

Note done - will take it there this evening. I may also drop off some supplies for him if I can do it without being seen. :-)

Emma, that's good news - I never heard back from Streetlink so it's great you've followed it up and got a response.  It's probably worth a try leaving a print out and also some food - let me know how you get on and then maybe I could drop some off tomorrow if it goes down well.

Just wondering if anyone knows if he's still there today?

Hello - so as an update, this chap is known to the Streetlink and it is a very complex situation. He is getting some help by the sound of things, but the good thing is that they are doing something. Fingers crossed things start to look up for him. 

I have seen him again on New Years Day on the bench. Good to know he is being dealt with. 

Hi. I saw him again yesterday morning. Does anyone have any updatefrom Street Link? Do we need to contact them again?

I think the issue might be that he is offered accommodation and doesn't want it. They didn't say that exactly, but they said that many rough sleepers decline shelter due to habitual rough sleeping. It is cold enough to call the emergency number today though, so would you be OK to contact them please Max?


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