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I've never been confident... but tended towards Ran-lee...clearly not how it's spelled!

Alison Clarke said:


I say 'ran-lee', based on the fact that Ranelagh Street in Liverpool is pronounced that way. I've also heard 'RAN-luh' as well as Alison's way. All of which makes me curious to know what is the consensus.


According to Wikipedia, There's an area of Dublin known as Ranelagh or Raghnallach in Irish apparently pronounced as Alison suggests. Anyone from there? Been there?


(BTW, I'm disappointed to see that our local doesn't have a Wikipedia entry - does someone fancy adding one?)

A distinguished contributor on Twitter, @KMFlett adds:

"brought up in Blake Rd N11 & locals called the pub the 'Ranlee' as did bus conductors, when they still existed"

It looks like I have been saying it wrong. 

Another vote for Ran-a-lah!

Ran-lah ?

I think Ranala is correct (I asked a barperson once), but somehow feel too posey saying it, so say Ran-lee!


In the same way I say Holborn, not Hoe-born, Cirencester not Cicester and Glastonbury not Glarstonbury (that's for BBC announcers!).



I go with Ran-uh-la.  Accent on the Ran.  If that gets a blank look then it's thepubonthecorner.



Aha, Wikipaedia to the rescue - it gives the phonetic symbols for the area of Dublin Dave mentioned - they have it as Ran-uh-luh.  The upside-down 'e' symbol is called the 'schwa', pronounced 'uh', and they list two of 'em.


I heard about schwas on a TEFL course - seems they crop up more when you speak faster - eg 'cinema' becomes 'cin-uh-muh'.






Locals affectionately refer to it as "The La".

That should help resolve the confusion or will it?.


gerry kift said:

Locals affectionately refer to it as "The La".

That should help resolve the confusion or will it?.



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