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Whoops, pressed the button too soon!


Thanks Gerry, that's certainly quicker!  Though the phoneticists would say 'The Luh'!

I can't help think we might be missing the point with the reference to the area of Dublin... after all the Pub was named after the Earl of Ranelagh who, whilst from an Irish family, was a Londoner.

He was the owner of the infamous Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens which provided fashionable entertainment to a discerning clientele (how appropriate!).

There are suggestions that the name of the Pleasure Gardens was anglicised: Wikipedia lists alternative spellings include Ranelegh and Ranleigh, the latter reflecting the English pronunciation.

So I suppose the pronunciation depends whether the pub is named after the area of Dublin, The Earl, or his Pleasure Gardens.


 I suggest we meet at the pub with the name beginning with R, drink five pints of Guinness each, then see how we pronounce the name - who's with me??

I just say "the pub" as it is the only decent one around* and everybody knows where I mean.



The perfect solution Mat!
I always say Rane-lag and have a not for published here euphemism I use with my friends when we arranged to me there.
The Raghnal was a clan that held sway in the mid-1500's in the Wicklow Mountains and what is now South Dublin. In Gaelic, 'Raghnallach' means Raghnal's place. Most Irish place names are anglicised versions of the original Gaelic - hence the suburb of Ranelagh in South Dublin - pronounced: /ˈrɛnələ/ or Ranalla. Ranelaigh (as in Ranelaigh Gardens, Chelsea) is pronounced Ranalee. 

Whilst waiting to be served in the Ranelagh on Saturday night, I asked a woman who was standing next to me for her opinion (one has to pass the hours somehow). She told me she pronounced it ranlee and that she had grown up in the area.


I guess the upshot of all of this is 'say what you want'. Seems to be no right and no wrong, here.


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