Let's name the footpath that runs at the back of Bowes Park Station!

Let's name the footpath that runs at the back of Bowes Park Station!



I was inspired by this article and thought it would be a good thing for us to do in Bowes Park. It is in both Haringey and Enfield boroughs. Anyone else interested?

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What a lovely idea Anna. Is it definitely nameless? I'd never thought about it before. 

This reminds me of the story of the naming of Ireland Place. Perhaps we could take the opportunity to be a bit more imaginative?

What a great Idea. and I like your ambition of risking the bureaucratic challenge of naming a place that straddles both LB Haringey and LB Enfield!

My first suggestion would be "Macadie Lane" after Donald Macadie local inventor of the AVO Meter who used Shaftesbury Hall - the "Tin Tabernacle" - as a workshop and lived on the Corner of Bowes Road and Moffat Road ... he may have used the path between home and work? (more info about Donald Macadie)

That's a nice idea Richard. We could also call it Tabernacle Road or Shaftesbury Hall Road, or Station Path.

I need to have a look more into the local history of Bowes Park to come up with something!

Lindsay, I'm pretty sure it's nameless as a few years ago I did a story about dog fouling there and had occasion to deal with both councils and neither knew what it was called or whose it was! They eventually told me that it belong to haringey up until Eleanor Rd ( I think) and from there it is Enfield's.

I like Macadie Lane. 

What a great idea!  

What about a borough mash up: Enfgey Way? Haringfield Path?

Seeing as it runs from Bounds Green Road  to Bowes Road is there some way we could connect the end points ... oh I don't know something like ... er ... Bowes and Bounds Connected?


A simply genius suggestion.  It is exactly what it is! 

Here is a suggestion that came via Twitter:

I think something like Responsible Dog Owners Way might help focus a few minds.

We used to call it Pooh Alley long ago!


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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