We now have had two new delicatessens to reinforce Domipol's appearance last year. Domipol is brilliant for hams and bacon and sausages: there is a Polish equivalent of Pancetta which is very good value for money. They also bring in fresh pork and chicken from Poland, as well as Polish vegetables. Don't be put off by their appearance as they come from real farms.   Agrotechno farms have not started to make that much impact yet. You may sometimes need to order with a combination of mime and pointing, as English skills are not as fully developed as they will be. But their Polish is brilliant!

We now have the Hellenic Gourmet, which has a large range of cooked products.  There is a particularly good Cretan olive oil there. and, on the same side of the street heading to Whittington Road, an Italian delicatessen / cafe, "La Coppia"  run by two real Italians from Rome has opened up.  It has a range of products including really good salami and cheeses (including Parmesan) and, unexpectedly, fresh focaccia all the way from Genoa!  The prices are OK.  They also keep a range of ice-creams.  They do a range of ciabata rolls available all day.  Just remember this when you are hovering near the deli counters of certain large supermarkets!     

And a reminder to my last year's post about Yalchins butcher shop in Green Lanes.  It's the second shop on the right, next to the bakery and opposite to Tesco.  They are a “proper” butcher’s shop and their meat comes from Smithfield Meat Market. IMHO they are cheaper than Supermarkets and their meat does taste like meat used to taste.

I should point out that their butcher' shop is at the back of the grocery shop so there's no butcher shop window.  Lots of people don't even know it is there!

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Totally agree Jonathan, we should definitely "Shop Local" and make use of the hidden gems on our high street.

Will you be joining the Cash Mob on Saturday - local people arecommitting to spend £10 on May 10th to support our local independent traders, meet neighbours and friends, and stop for a picnic in the Community Garden...

See you there?

Update for September 2016

I regret to announce that Yalchin's  the butchers shop which was the second shop on the right of Green lanes as you head north has now ceased to trade.  It is no more!


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