There are few things more dull than that eternal topic of north London dinner party conversations  - comparative house prices.

However news this week from Nationwide Building society shows that over the last year the price of London Housing has risen out of all proportion to the rest of the UK

The Guardian today presented an interesting map comparing current prices with those of a year ago.

Haringey is one of the boroughs with the highest rise of 32% - far greater than Enfield with its more modest 16% rise.

Commenting on the figures, Robert Gardner, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said: “The price of a typical UK house rose by 2.9% in Q 2, after allowing for seasonal effects. Prices were up 11.5% compared with the same quarter of 2013. Annual house price growth accelerated to 26% in London, far outpacing the rest of country, and the highest growth rate since Q3 1987. P rices in the capital are now 30% above their 2007 peak, with the price of a typical London property now in excess of £400,000."

Read the full Nationwide report

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I agree comparisons can indicate large disparities between particular districts across the boroughs - but the other thing these data can't illustrate is the huge variations within a borough e.g. Highgate and Tottenham; or Hadley Wood and Edmonton. In London this is compounded by the value put on a desirable postcode (or undesirable postcode) which don't follow borough boundaries. The information needs to be examined more closely.

But the overall message remains: House Prices in London continue to rise out of step with the rest of the UK. This has knock-on effects not only for those people struggling to start out on the housing ladder, but all of us who rely on the jobs and services provided by these workers who are finding it increasingly difficult to live in London. 


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