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First time posting. I have moved to area with my girlfriend Rachel in August and Woodside before that for a year.

I was wondering if anyone knew what happened with the Master Fryer fish and chip shop that used to be on the High road? It's window now says shop to let. It was a little tatty but had a really friendly husband and wife who ran it and would have a friendly chat with you while waiting for your fish to fry.

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They have been forced to retire after over 30 years in business there as the corporation tax and rent that they had to pay was making the business no longer viable.  A great and friendly local resource lost.  Still it just makes me even more determined to avoid giving any business to the large tax dodgers - yes we all know who they are so we don't need to name them again!!!!   Still thankfully we still have the one further up the road - Seafresh? - which does wonderful fish and chips, one between two is plentiful, and they do mushy peas, a great bonus to a Yorkshire girl!!

Seafresh is our favourite fish and chip shop, too. But the lovely couple who run it are planning to retire and looking for new owners. Where will we find our fish and chips (and mushy peas and curry sauce! then????

Oh no! We love seafresh, always huge portions always freshly fried. The rock there is fab. Chinese fish and chip shops always seem to very good. Very traditional. We like.

Hello Tom it is on Green Lanes I think the turnings off would be Berkshire Gardens but I am not totally sure - it is about three turnings before the North Circ on the rightside of the road, above the post office.  Hope this helps as it is a great fish and chip shop!!

Does any know if Sea Fresh is till open? We tried it Friday 3rd Jan and it was closed, hope it hasn't been sold yet! 

say it ain't so!


Sadly it would appear it is closed..........another great loss!!  Anyone any suggestion where you can now buy decent fish and chips in Wood Green?

There is no where. I am going to Palmers Green tonight to pick up a takeaway from Georges Fish Bar. Looks very good..https://plus.google.com/115177993359273985987/about?hl=en

Olympus on Green Lanes always used to be good for fish and chips - good frying and big portions http://www.olympuskebabs.co.uk/

But I haven't been for a while as I don't eat fish any more. 

I've used the chippy just round the corner from Wood Green tube for years. Never had a bad meal and service is friendly.

I'm still mourning Seafresh. I really couldn't fault the place (nice owners, tasty food, near home and decor remind me of the chippies of my childhood). Still hoping it's a temporary measure...


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