I received this email from a neighbour earlier this morning:
My son Louis’ friend Omar has gone missing.   Louis and his friends said goodbye to Omar at Durnsford Park yesterday afternoon and he has not been seen since.  We believe he went home to his  house in Imperial Road near Bowes Park direction, where he picked up his bike and went out again, as his bike was not at home when his parents came home.  He is 14 and has now been gone for 24 hours without being in touch with  his parents, none of his friends have seen him.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo but he is relatively small for his age, wears glasses and has dark hair.  On the off chance that you have seen a boy on a bike doing anything odd yesterday evening please let me know.   The Police were informed yesterday evening and are helping Omar’s parents to try and locate him. Louis I and others have walked around some of the more remote green spaces in case he has had an accident on his bike.  His friends have told us he likes exploring old buildings etc.

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I've posted a shorter version of this (which I received from someone else local) on about 10 different local Facebook websites.

Thanks Wendy - that's greatly appreciated.

Shared on FB.

Someone on FB said he's been found, but no details, and when I searched the internet, I could find no confirmation, even on the Police website.  So I am not convinced, as clearly no-one else has endorsed this.

Good News! Omar has been found today, Monday 25 July, safe and well.


I have been informed on good authority from a trustworthy source that this has been confirmed by a message from his Grandma on an official Facebook page, and various other people on the web have confirmed


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