Hi all, 

I'm planning on moving to the area and buying a house towards the end of the year (being a South East Londoner, I have my work cut out ;) 

I love the area, I work on Upper Street, and have spent a decent amount of time exploring the area with my partner and my sister who lives in Walthamstow.

I just wanted to get a flavour for some favourable roads to look out for, we're not fussed about a 15-20mins walk to the tube, nor catchment area for schools (5-10 years away from kiddies :)

Any advice would be absolutely fantastic, as I much prefer getting an enthusiastic local's response! 

Anyone moving to South East I will gladly return the favour!



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Hi Danny

Welcome to the area, when you get here! Difficult to pick out streets really as I don't think there are any bad ones as such. Heard a few horror stories about people being next door to safe or half way houses but I'd just recommend you pick a house or a flat you like and go for it if the neighbours seem nice.

But just so it doesn't sound like I am completely sitting on the fence, some of our favourites include...Thorold Road, the majestic Marlborough Road, Clarence Road has some swanky places on it, the houses in the square around Finsbury are very cute, Palmerston is another long grand road and although busy we never really noticed the noise when we lived on it. The streets jutting off it like Belsize, Melbourne et al are all very pleasant too. Then some of our favourite roads are the little ones off biggers ones so you've got Northbrook, Manor and Shropshire. Don't really know much about the other side of the tracks in Bounds Green but friends have been very happy on Maidstone Road.

Anyway, it is a lovely area with a proper community feel and the vibe nearly always feels very positive here. We bought a flat here seven or eight years ago fully intending to flip it as soon as we could, make some money and try and live the dream of living in a box flat in Archway or Tufnell Park as soon as we could. It never happened...we did flip the flat but only to buy a bigger place here and set up a local business. Never looked back and don't think we ever will. Viva Bowes Park!



Hi Danny

Good luck with the impending move!

I've not much to add to Mat's eloquent soliloquy … it is lovely round here!

For a more independent view, both The Guardian "Let's move to ..." feature and - a few years ago - the Evening Standard Property spotlight pages included Bowes Park / Bounds Green Follow the links to read the full articles and a couple of comments from "locals" about what they like about the neighbourhood.



Two cracking responses, that's awesome thanks chaps. Loving the look of Marlborough Road area and the few surrounding roads.

I'm taking a look with my partner over the next weekend or two to get a full flavour, and being taken out for dinner by a devoted friend of mine who now raves about the area! 

I'll stay in touch and let you know how I get on with the move!

We've been here a few years and love it. We moved down from Muswell Hill in search of more space, and thought we'd probably move again but we haven't. It's still a hidden gem, although how long it will remain so in Londons insane housusing market who knows. I like Thorold Road and the top part of Marlbrough Road best, but lots of good roads around. With neighbours, we've been really lucky but it's wise to check out the status of the adjoining houses or flats next door to any you like. There is a higher proportion than is usual of private rented accommodation, so you might get quite a lot of churn of tenants. That said, there do seem to be more families about than ever now. Anyway, we really like it and good luck with your search.

thank you Marcus, going to have a scout around on Sunday so looking forward to looking at some of the recommended roads.

being a South London lad, I'm scared I'm intruding on the North London community! Will be good to get a vibe. 

thank you again!

Hi Danny, I'm going to chime in with info on the Other Side of the Track, on the Bounds Green side.  As everyone has said you can't really go wrong, Natal, Maidstone, Ollerton and of course Stanley Road (where I am) are all worth wandering round.  One thing we might have going for us on this side is that there tend to be fewer rentals, so not quite the worry of who's going to move in every 6 months.  We have the Ranlagh and the Bejoy which are both great, and of course as everyone has said another 5 minutes and you're on Maidstone and The Step and shops there.  Wherever you go though you'll love it.  A little like Royston Vasey, "you'll never leave"

I've not tried the Bejoy. Is it good?

The Bejoy's very good.  It's changed management and menu over the years, but standards are still high and quantities are plentiful.  Whenever my curry-loving brother in law visits, we take him there.

Richmond Road = Simply the best. Zero tolerance :O)

All the roads mentioned are good.  I used to live on Natal and it was fine for good sized family houses. We now live in one of the cul de sacs off the North Circular - Livingstone and Moffat Roads.  They don't look prepossessing as you approach from the N. Circ, which has kept prices more affordable than some of the bigger roads mentioned - to your advantage - but once in these streets, the road noise shuts off, the houses are much bigger inside than you'd think, many with three double-sized bedrooms, 50 ft gardens, Victorian character, and I can vouch for the friendly neighbours.  They're so nice that houses don't come up for sale often, but worth a look.  Also close to Bowes Park and Bound Green stations, bus links to everywhere, and excellent local eateries - Mum's Bistro and the Step both offer excellent food and a really friendly welcome, the Bejoy does excellent curries and the Ranelagh, fantastic gastro pub food.  Can't think of any bad streets, but I would suggest checking out who lives next door.  As others have said, it's a neighbourhood with an increasing sense of community, you won't regret moving here.  And if/when you do have children, the local schools are well-regarded.


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