What's with the councils' crack down on small businesses on Myddlton Road who have a few chairs and tables out so their clients can enjoy the sun? Are they not there to promote and support local businesses rather than penalise them?

Imposing a fine or the threat of a fine when all they are doing, in the main, is improving the vibe of the street, increasing footfall and slowly turning it into a destination of choice.

This is a simply a low grade money making exercise as there is no extra cost to the council.

Come on Haringey. Get your act together and support these local businesses.

Welcome peoples thoughts.

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Totally agree. Having the chairs and tables out on the pavement adds a really lovely vibe to the street. From what I've seen, they're not blocking anything. They are small businesses that shouldn't have to pay for such nonsense. Haringey Council, find more important things to crack down! There are plenty to choose from.

Absolutely agree. I have never had any problem with the road being blocked, despite various places having a few chairs outside - the Hellenic Bakery and the Step come to mind.

I notice Renaissance no longer has a table and chairs outside - is this why?  I think pavement tables improve the atmosphere on the street, and certainly don’t cause an obstruction!

I am disgusted by council fining these business’s. I loved sitting outside and it does enhance the ambience and vibe in the street! So petty and no feasible reason to do this at all!'!!!!!!!

Yes, this exactly the reason, and also Mum's Bistro who had a warning from the council. Crazy situation, which serves no purpose except reinforce the 'jobsworth' image of hardworking council officers. 

Yes i fully agreed with with you Chris! I am disgruntled!

The few tables and chairs are a great contribution to enhance the road, which I thought should be the Council's main objective.

Can the local Councillors be asked to do something to stop this persecution of our local traders?

I support the cafe owners on this issue. Does anyone know who we should contact at Harringay Council about this?

I'm wondering if a joint letter/email to our local councillors, like Gregory said, would be the way to go? If they have letters/emails from a few of us, I'm guessing it could make a positive difference?

I'm told a meeting is being organised by local cllrs to meet with traders and sort things out....

Please publicise the time, date and venue of this meeting to maximise participation & consultation. Thanks 

A brief Update-

Thanks to everyone for their lovely support for us all here on Myddleton Rd.

Our issue is that the council were supposed to be working with us to restore the street to that of its glorious past, they have been insisting new tenants of the shops put in wooden shop fronts etc. And as some of you know, placed a preservation order on all the shopfronts.

Under a previous Labour government, some funding was used to help shop keepers restore the shop canopies, some were paid for at the top end of Myddelton Rd.

This aided the beginning of the redevelopment and the turn around of the street.

There was previously a line of trading items if you look at early photos, from Anita's hair fashions 

the shop elevations disappeared apart from a few.

Someone last week told me after an incident during the war, such extensions were removed and never re-instated.

Other commercial premises in our area have hit similar problems with placing items outside their shops on the fronts of their shops, and to our knowledge they have not been fined.

The cafes and bars with an on-street presence have massively helped extinguish the gangs and drug trading that was evident on the street previously.

As so many of you have commented, our presence on the street has drastically reduced such related crime, but as one fellow venue owner here commented, its up to the council as to  whether we continue this progress, or return it to the declined and crime-infested street it once was.

Our view is that the council should be working with us to help us create a beautifully reinstated Victorian High st which could easily transform into one of the nicest spots in the borough.

It is also noted the lovely flower baskets usually on the lamposts have not been put up this year.

From a personal perspective, we, like many businesses on the street, have invested thousands of pounds of our own money to create premises which are up to a high standard as well as creating a lovely vibe for the whole community to enjoy and be proud of.

With support, we can ensure this area never slips back into social decline again.

We have heard from the councillors and they are trying to arrange a meeting with the council,I will inform you all of when this will take place.

Our MP Catherine West has also replied to us and said she has also written to the council regarding this matter.


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