Myddleton Road Planning Appeal - illegal building to be demolished.

The planning appeal for the structure in the garden of 97 Myddleton Road has been overturned – this is a major victory for the campaign to retain the character and appearance of our area and prevent uncontrolled development. The Planning inspectorate have directed that the illegal building must be demolished within four months.

A large building was constructed in the garden at 97 – replacing a shed. It was fitted out as a two bed living unit (and advertised for rent on Zoopla), despite having no planning permission from Haringey Council. (see right)

retropective permission was sought by the owner but a significant number of written objections were sent to the council from local residents and the planning application was denied.

The owners took up their right to appeal the decision to the national Planning Inspectorate – who have agreed with the Haringey decision and refused planning permission for the unit.

The Planning Inspectorate report makes very interesting reading – and provides some useful pointers for future consultations on developments which change the nature of our local area.

The planning inspectorate report allows four months for the illegal building to be demolished; their decision date was 14 July 2014 - so by my reckoning that's November 14th as a deadline.

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Very good.  I hope the landlord lost a decent amount of money on the whole development and that other landlords in the area are deterred from similar activities.

The illegal building at the rear of 97 Myddleton Road is finally being demolished - following the exhaustion of all the appeals procedures and delays. A well earned victory for concerted community campaigners - and perhaps marking a turning of the tide for illegal development in the Bowes Park Conservation area.

Thanks for posting this, Richard. A triumph for the road - well done everyone!

Wow, it took a long time to get there, but community pressure worked. O heard the owner wanted to apply for non-residential use, but the. Council said don't bother.

This is such fantastic news -  well done everyone who helped make this happen.

Heard about this on the radio earlier, credit to both speakers - great message about the changing myddleton road. Scroll to minute 52.

Listen to a recording of the Radio interview by Anna O'Neill with Mat Riches from the Step and Lucia Das Neves from We Love Myddleton Road:

There was also some local newspaper coverage in the Haringey Independent

Thanks Richard.  I really enjoyed listening to the broadcast.   Well done Mat and Lucia.   Wonderful that the illegal build has been demolished.  The hard work and determination of a number of people has paid off.  Let's hope it deters others from building illegal housing.  I love Myddleton Road!!

A line in the sand... an inspirational  'people' story

Fantastic news and great publicity for we love MR - the power of the people!!  Matt and Lucia present a well balanced view of the road - welcoming but clear about the challenges of planning.


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