Hi - the We Love Myddleton Road group is looking at the possibility of organising some kind of mini festival in the summer. In order to work out how feasible this is, we'd like to find out which skills, resources and talents might be available in the local community. If you've got any experience organising events like this, or have access to equipment we might be able to use, are a performer or a member of a group that might like to perform as part of the festival, if you have any useful contacts, or if you might be able to help in any way at all, we'd really appreciate your involvement so please do get in touch. Thanks! Henry, Claudia and the We Love Myddleton Road group

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For several years we had a great festival in Finsbury Gardens.  It stopped because the Gardens were being improved and were not open to the public then last year we could not get enough volunteers to help.  Some of those who started this festival felt they could no longer organise the whole caboodle but are quite happy to share their expertise and assist in any way bringing all their contact lists.   We had a marquee, drumming for kids, Big games for toddlers, an art worker, a jazz band and singer, a bouncy castle, caterers selling food, teas, kiddies games, plant stall, book stall, The Community Choir,  etc. I have all the flags and bunting that we used to dress the Gardens and it was highly successful   Everyone had a lovely time.  We have tried to resurrect this but last year in spite of many requests had little interest shown in organising things.  It would be lovely if this event could take place again.  I know we are not in Myddleton Road but Finsbury Gardens is a very important community area in Bounds Green.  The play area used by so many in the community and Fins Feste was a day that really drew in all members of the community as nearly everything was free.  If you are interested in taking this on with lots of help please get in touch.  We still have funds to help this day take place but not the manpower.

Kate I Agree the Fins Feste was a lovely event - and having it in a green space added so much to the relaxed atmosphere meaning people could enjoy the food and music and spend the afternoon in the park.


Here is a video snapshot of the 2011 Festival:

There are already two major events happening in Myddleton Road in June: one is the Myddleton Road Community Garden's annual picnic, which will be on Saturday 13 June (2-5 pm), and one is the summer Myddleton Road Market, which we (the market committee, with the council's backing, arising from a BPCA discussion) have already provisionally earmarked as a major food festival extending right up Myddleton Road with live music as well. The date of this market is not yet fixed, but it will either be in June or early July.

With several different groups now in existence and planning events - which is fantastic! - we do need to make sure we coordinate and join forces wherever possible. That way we can save on manpower and make sure the events are properly spaced out to attract as many people as possible.

Saturday July 18th was the weekend that we used previously.  And if we could get substantial offers of help would be when we would do it again. Richard, thanks for your film.  I had forgotten how absolutely wonderful it all was.  Please, please please could we have six volunteers who would be wiling to get this off the ground.  If it is going to happen then we need to get organised fast. We had usually booked everything by February!  The most difficult is the St Johns first Aid without whose presence nothing can take place.  Rules and Regs!  It would be so nice to bring Finsbury Gardens alive again in the summer and provide a really inclusive festival so local people could enjoy a great day in the company of all those who live in Bounds Green.

Kate, a suggestion has been put forward by a BPCA subcommittee that it would be great to make this year's Fins Fest a village fete style event, perhaps with a cake baking contest or a dog show (apparently this can work even in a small space and can be hilarious to watch), and some traditional side show stalls. This would really emphasise the village atmosphere of Bowes Park.

Whoever organises it and their committee can do what they wish.  We have a core of willing helpers but need new blood - and lots more brawn than we ever attracted before.  The festival always tried to make the focus on children's free or very cheap entertainments and workshops  so all parts of the community would feel included.  It seemed to work and I would be sad if this focus changed as it provided a really good afternoon our for many local children and their families who were unlikely to get holidays or extra fun over the summer.  I would suggest a committee needs to sit down together and sort out the nitty gritty.  From experience the most difficult thing to get in place is the First Aid as they get very booked up and without that nothing can happen.  You also need to get permission from Haringey and that also take a long time.  They impose rules and regs which have to be heeded as it is a public space. We did not have stalls or people using the Festival as a focus for marketing their businesses as we felt there were many other outlets and we wished to keep it as non- commercial as possible.  This of course might not be how people want to continue.

Hi Henry,

depending on when it is, Salsa With Sureka based at The Hub, Myddleton Road would be more than happy to do a Salsa demo and a lesson for attendees? Please email me at surekaf@gmail.com if this would be of interest!

Best wishes,

Sureka Fernando
Salsa With Sureka 

Tel: 07984 136 961

It's always possible to get non-St John's first aiders so don't let that stop you. PG Festival trained their own volunteer pool, Bromfield Blues uses ad hoc local qualified individuals. Nil cost too which carries advantages.

That would be great.  We have never managed to find anyone fully trained who would take on the job!

Likewise for the Myddleton Road Community Garden events - we  always have to get St John's in, and that's a big chunk out of our revenues. Two of us have actually considered doing first aid training just to avoid having to pay St John's.

Hi - thanks so much for all your responses. There was a We Love Myddleton Road meeting last night; as per Kari's reply, there does seem to be a lot planned over the summer, and we all agreed that it would make sense for us to coordinate and focus our efforts on the June/July market rather than doing something separate. I think Toby is going to communicate with those organising the market to discuss further.

For all the people who contributed to this discussion back in February.... do have a look at the Event the BPCA has just posted, inviting those who are keen to take an active part in planning and making things happen at the Finsbury Festival in July 2015.   There's a meeting organised for Wednesday 15th April and we'd love to see lots of enthusiastic volunteers there!


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