Today (October 2nd) is National Poetry Day. To celebrate we have reproduced below a little ditty extracted from Thomas Burke's Book "The Outer Circle".

Originally published in 1921 the book a fantastic series of opinionated reflections on London's suburbs including chapters on Bowes Park, Palmers Green, and Wood Green - you can download a copy of the book here ... and thankfully the prose is a much better read than the Poetry!

Wood Green's a little woman
Who leads a woman's life;
A careful, candid mother,
A busy, cheerful wife.
But Palmer's Green's a lady
Who rises after nine.
The Woodgreeners have their dinner,
But the Palmers-Greeners dine.

Now Southgate's like a young maid
Who does not know her mind,
But harks to every message
That's borne on every wind.
When Town and Country wooed her,
From each she turned her eyes,
And now she's settled down in dull
And horrid compromise.

Bowes Park has just got married;
The orange blossom shows...

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Beautiful Richard, it's inspired me. A thought came to me tonight gazing at the majestic North London sky as I walked young Captain Hastings, an idea I'd like to develop

"We wandered lonely as a pair of clouds..."

It's just my first idea but I really think there's something in it, watch this space...

Hey - there's definitely something in this ... you could probably write for a living ... just make sure you get paid what your Words worth!  :)

Ha ha...Mr McKeever wins!


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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