I've just heard that there will be a tree planting event on Saturday 30 November, along Bounds Green Road, where the council and tree wardens will be planting 20 new trees... as well as 50 new trees for the ward in the new year!

They're meeting outside the Greek Orthadox Church on Trinity Road at 10am.

All welcome to come along and lend a hand......

Contact Alex Fraser, Arboricultural Manager (LBH),  020 8489 5657

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Appropriately as this is during National Tree Week. http://treecouncil.org.uk/community-action/national-tree-week


It's a fine thing to do to plant a tree - anyone can do it and all our welcome to join in!

If you do plan on coming and can let us know, that will help! Here's the Facebook page for the event, or contact us if you don't use Facebook, it really helps us to know.

Speaking of trees, does anyone know whatever happened to the new trees that were promised to replace the unhealthy/inconvenient ones that were cut down on Marlborough, Manor and probably other roads in Bowes Park a few years ago as part of one-off chainsaw spree?

Alex (the Tree Officer) is very  responsive, so I'll ask him.  he did say that 50 new trees were in the budget for Bounds Green so maybe it's govt cuts that have delayed the replacement/renewal?

We are scheduled to plant over 50 new and replacement street trees in the Bounds Green ward this winter. Trees will be planted in a number of roads including; Marlborough Rd, Manor Rd , Northbrook Rd and Whittington Rd. Please contact me if anyone would like more details.

Alex Fraser, Arboricultural Manager (LBH). Tel: 020 8489 5657. Email:alex.fraser@haringey.gov.uk



That's useful to know - we have 'lost' a few trees in Brownlow road so will see if there is an equivalent Arboricultural Officer in Enfield.


Hi Liz - on the Enfield website, it says it's Highways - good place to start: 

Address: Highway Services, B-Block North
London Borough of Enfield,
Civic Centre
Silver Street

Tel: 020 8379 2152

Thanks so much - I have just telephoned and discovered there are two tree specialists in Enfield.  Neither were available when I rang but they have taken down my details and concerns about the removal of trees in Brownlow Road and are going to ring back.  It is really helpful to be able to work across the two boroughs when one lives in a raod that is split in half!


Good luck - let us know how you get on. Might also help to email them as Tree Officers are often not in the office so it can help if they can deal with it when they are.

Great news Alex!

Are there any plans to plant treens on palmerston rd? I notice there is a tree stump outside on of the low level flats (Maxwell house) Do you know if there was a reason why that tree was removed and any plans to plant a new one?

Alex himself isn't on this forum - not sure if he's able to as he is a council employee and they may very well have rules about what people can and can't do on behalf of Haringey. If I was him I'd probably not risk posting anything anywhere public.

My name is Chris and I post on behalf of Haringey Tree Wardens - we're an independent group but, as it's not about me, I don't use my name.

Palmerston Rd is partly not in Haringey but, assuming your bit is, on the the tree section of the Haringey website , according to the planned tree maintenance winter work Palmerston is not due for any maintenance.

The Aboricultural Department has transformed streets in the borough by planting trees were there were none and when the new strategy is published, I think we'll see a council commitment to around 1,000 new trees planted in the borough this coming year, so I'd say that the chances of your street getting trees if it needs them was high. 

The Aboricultural Department seem very even-handed to me and won't plant trees on a whim, but if good can come from it and other priorities make way they will - it may very well be planned already. If all else fails there's a section on the website for sponsoring trees (just over £200 each) - you can buy one and have it planted (or plant it on private land yourself).

The tree planting we did on Saturday would have been a good time to meet Alex (and Kevin and Luke, the part of the team who do most of the actual planting in the Borough). Alex tends not to come on our tree walks but there are going to be other events after Xmas he will attend.  

Do you live in the Haringey bit of Palmerston?

I have just checked out the page for sponsoring trees and the examples of the different kinds of trees - street and park trees. It is fascinating and great to know that in Haringey  trees can be sponsored - would be a great fund raising idea.  Travelling in France I have always been struck by the number of trees on main roads - it would be good to have more trees on Brownlow road as it is so busy - anything to soak up the pollution.


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